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Hi there! Weekly chit-chat is where I tackle a woman’s eccentricity, everyday insanity, aha moments, and of course her triumphs no matter how small or ginormous. It’s like talking to your friend albeit virtually. So grab a cappuccino or frap, short or grande, and let’s have real talk!

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March 2014
Staying Positive in a Negative World
Slowing Down

February 2014

His Nose vs. Her Nose: What The Opposite Sex Says About Your Fragrance

The Truth Behind Showing vs. Showing Off

It’s #Selfie Time: Photos You Need To Stop Posting Or Else

Is There Such A Thing As Appropriate Makeup Or Outfit When You’re Past Your Prime?

January 2014

It’s 2014. What New Me?

5 Ways To Spring-Clean Your Life

That Thing Called Lippy Phenomenon

Weird Tricks Women Make When They Apply Makeup

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