2020, you’ve been bad! But despite the struggles everyone faced around the world, there will always be a silver lining after all. As I celebrate the last day of the year, let me do a recap; sort of a memoir for me to look back to and remind me that when things get tougher, I knew I survived what was the toughest.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou or Happy New Year in Hawai’i. 2021 bring it on!

This video was hard to edit without getting emotional. These were snippets from my blog and vlog, a lot more happened behind the scene but I did my best to capture the highlights.

I mentioned behind the scenes, I’m not the type to publicize what I have done but I think it’s important to instill kindness among us and if there’s anything this past year significantly taught me is to practice kindness even more. Being kind to every kind.

I supported mom and pop shops and restaurants by buying local. A lot of businesses here closed down for good, those that had been in existence for years folded with heavy hearts. Thousands upon thousands lost their jobs, especially those in the tourism sector as the latter is the number one economic driver in the state. This was a huge pill to swallow because it can happen to anyone. But I was spared.

I organized a program in the medspa where I work “honor a frontliner”. I rewarded the winner with over $2000 worth of treatments, sort of “pamper/ me-time” for all the hard work in the midst of pandemic.

I revisited my passion in making gemstone jewelries. I sold some and gifted the rest to my patients who kept supporting our medspa, a local business I value deep in my heart. They kept me and my job afloat.

I donated to non-profits and organizations in support of their individual causes.

I kept in touch and communicated more to my friends who work in healthcare. Hearing their stories is truly heartbreaking.

I had but one biggest regret though, and I shared it up close and personal in this video.

But this is water under the bridge. Let’s face 2021 with hope, faith and love.

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