it’s not diet but a lifestyle

Is it costly to be vegan in Hawaii? First, let’s qualify cost because the price of commodities here in Hawaii is fairly high in comparison to other states. The price of living in paradise, as we locals say it.

Being vegan in Hawaii at this time and age is a lot easier compared in the past. Vegan food is slowly becoming mainstream here and lots of places and restaurants offer vegan options or can veganize upon customer’s request. Down to Earth, a vegan/vegetarian retail store with branches scattered around the island of Oahu, has become a haven for vegans. Offering organic produce and faux meat alternatives, your $100 won’t go too far. My husband who’s also vegan, likes to joke “are we going to Down to hell?”. Winkles, our four-legged furry baby only eats organic papaya from Down to Earth. One time we tried non-organic ones from Walmart, she just sniffed and walked away. Despite their elite pricing, I still go there albeit occasionally for some fancy and fresh ingredients I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Watch this video as I navigate one of Down to Earth’s branches and see if their prices compare to your side of the world.

New to this lifestyle? check out my 101 page for tips and tricks.

Do you like the styles of the vegan handbags I featured in the video? you can buy straight from Angela Roi or through Kindstyle for Alexandra K.

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