Things I Will Miss When This Lockdown Is Over

Am I going to survive this? that was my initial thought when Hawaii was put on statewide lockdown last March 25th. I am so not used to staying home, my body runs on activity and my mind is fueled by critical thinking at work. The first few days were tough to be completely honest about it. While technically I am still working albeit virtually, it still is different without patient to treat. All day it was just me and my furry baby, a.k.a my executive assistant, while my husband is at work. The first time I had zoom meeting, my dog made crazy sounds of annoyance, like “who are these hoomans on the screen? why so many voices? Mommah I’m confused!” Eventually, even her got used to my daily morning meetings. So yeah the period of adjustment was rather short-lived. But why will I even miss things after the lockdown is lifted? This pandemic cost so many lives, million people were left unemployed and both huge and small businesses had to close for good. It’s heartbreaking how a single potent virus led to all of these misfortunes. But amidst the uncertainties, I always look at the brighter side. That silver lining when this is done and over with.

life on lockdown
What I Will Miss After This Lockdown
hawaii life on lockdown
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First on my list if of course, my all-day bonding with Winkles. In seven weeks since lockdown, she developed a new routine with me and I know she will miss it too. Things like:

Having breakfast out in the yard. I play spa music while I drink my tea and listen to the birds chirping. Winkles does her morning run in the yard and also enjoy sightseeing the birds.

Getting my dose of Vitamin D everyday, enjoying the cool breeze while my skin hugs the sun in the morning (before 8am, the perfect time to be out in the yard).

Drinking my freshly made smoothies which Winkles gladly partake as well.

Preparing gourmet-style dinner for husband and myself.

Exercising nearly everyday out in the yard as the sun begins to set.

Writing regularly for the blog.

Glamming up even if I’m not going anywhere.

Dressing up in style while working from home.

Making jewelries again.

Doing more self-care than usual like at home-facials, painting my nails, hair care and the like.

Keeping up regularly with friends and loved ones.

Meditating more.

Yes I will miss the aforementioned because I am guilty of neglecting most of these things. Being a true blue workaholic, I tend to forget, stop and appreciate the simple joys in life. During this lockdown, I learned to slow down and be mindful of things, situations and people that truly matter to me. So as I go back to work next week, I will treasure these experiences and hopefully implement changes in my life so I don’t miss out anymore…the joys of living simply and abundantly.

What about you? what positive lesson or experience you learned so far from this lockdown?

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9 thoughts on “Things I Will Miss When This Lockdown Is Over

  • I can’t think of anything I’ll truly miss when this is over yet I’m not unhappy that I can’t go anywhere. When I first retired (by choice) I was back at work in another job on the following Monday. It took me years to calm down and enjoy being home though. Your happy post though is a reminder that all is not lost and that we will have gained a lot through our stay-at-home orders.

    • thefabzilla

      I think the quality time we get to spend with our loved ones is common ground for us during this lockdown

  • Those are definitely things for which to be grateful, and that you will undoubtedly miss once you return to work in-person.

  • I don’t see an end to this “separation” for me, so I am not thinking about what I will miss about staying at home. Plus in MA, we don’t see an end to staying at home in the nearish future. I miss so many things about being able to go out, and I know I won’t be able to do them again till there is a vaccine.

    • thefabzilla

      Here in Hawaii, we are already in the second phase of reopening. Cases here have been single digit in the last 2 weeks and the covid units in major hospitals have been taken down already. Lowest death rate per capita after Montana and we are testing here more than most states. 98% of those tested were negative; out of the 2% positive, 90% has been released from isolation. In case of resurgence, hospitals here can handle (hopefully based on the figures presented by the lieutenant governor).
      But when I go back to work, I’d be wearing PPE still due to close contact treatments I do.

  • I really like the flexibility of work from home. It also helps when I have intense writing and thinking tasks.

  • I have really enjoyed having less social obligations and being able to spend more time with my dogs and Dave.

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