Hawaii Life Update: On Reopening the State and What Has Changed for Me

Pandemic update: Hawaii got it right mitigating the spread of COVID-19. We are one of the first few states that shut down early at the onset of pandemic. We also tested more people compared to other states and while it was difficult in the beginning, we were the least hit, after Montana, in terms of cases per capita. Majority of the cases here were linked to travel, hence the 14-day travel quarantine was enforced. The penalty is hefty at $5000, prison time and immediate repatriation. As of this writing, stats are promising: 90% recovery, 46 active cases (10 are out-of-state but counted as in-state which is absurd so technically only 36), there were days with 0 new case and death toll stagnant at 17 for the past 3 weeks. If you look at the graph, there’s no denying that Hawaii has flattened the curve. While the “safer at home” mandate was extended until June 30, most businesses have reopened here with strict protocols in place. There was a pressure to balance the safety and economy; close to 300,000 people here filed for unemployment so the tension was high. Hawaii’s standard of living is one of the most expensive in the country so the government had to make tough decisions. In the words of Mayor Caldwell “Restore Honolulu”. What about if there’s outbreak? with the rate we are going, the hospital system here will be able to handle per report of lieutenant governor Josh Green who is a medical doctor. His report on hospital ICU capacity and ventilator utilization is reassuring (under-utilized!). So if you look at the bigger picture, Hawaii is indeed ready to reopen after being on lockdown for 8 weeks.

Work update: Elective non-emergency medical procedure is on the list of businesses that can reopen. With strict protocol in place, I started seeing patients again last May 11 but very limited as I ease into this new normal. I started with procedures that are fast and don’t require patients to take off masks as much as possible. I also have to wear PPE and let me tell you, it’s difficult looking through the face shield especially when I do precise injections which require great vision and focus. Aside from deep sanitizing in between patients, I spaced out appointments so I can remove the mask and breathe normally. Hats off to my fellow RNs and healthcare professionals who wear N95 and full on PPE their entire hospital shift, I know it’s not easy! I had headache the first day.

Look update: Which brings me to my next point, I had to resort to not wearing any makeup at all on weekdays at work. Not even tinted moisturizer for the life of me. I switched my look to au naturale: untinted moisturizer, untinted sunscreen and no-color lip serum. Sometimes I’d wear eyeshadow so I feel normal. Hence, I refocused my effort on how not to break out or develop irritation from wearing mask. But simple is good! In fact, I was able to control the zit which formed the day after I started working. My skin is doing great despite not getting professional facials the past 2 months. Curious what’s on my face Monday to Friday?

To keep my face moisturized, I use this Luminous Night Cream from Andalou. I know, night cream for day time? guys, it’s plain marketing, you can use any moisturizer depending on your skin type. I’ve used morning and night creams interchangeably and while some night creams are thicker in consistency, you can use it daytime too especially if you have dry and aging skin.

Next step is un-tinted sunscreen by Andalou, it’s a beauty balm so technically a moisturizer with added SPF 30. It’s a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide 20%) so blending is required to reduce the appearance of white cast. It’s not the best sunscreen out there but I’m fine by it. Even with mask on, it has become a habit for me to wear sunscreen 24/7.

I’m a lipstick junkie but even that one has to go because what’s the use anyway? I don’t want my mask get stained. But lip moisturization is equally important so I use this lip serum from Inika Organics. It has jojoba and rosehip oil. It’s lightweight and does not feel sticky at all.

By mid-day or whenever I feel like my skin feels dry, I spritz on Derma E Skin Beneficial Mist. This particular variant has rosemary, lemon sage and eucalyptus essential oil infused in coconut and rose water.

You know what else has changed? I am wearing more colors now as far as outfits are concerned. You know I breathe black but given some limitations at work, I feel like I can still express my personality behind the mask. That I am fun, friendly and warm even if you don’t see my face. And when it’s time to release the hair bun, your mama’s waves are out to say hello, how have you been?

What modifications, if there are any, have you introduced to your routine/work?

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18 thoughts on “Hawaii Life: On Reopening the State and How Things Changed For Me At Work

  • Everything has changed so much, and I think that even when things are much safer that it will change the way that we engage in the world outside of our houses!

    • thefabzilla

      Case in point is telemedicine/telehealth/virtual consultation. We have been doing this a lot and with the way things are going, it will continue. But we will adapt! As the saying goes, it’s not necessarily the smartest that survive but those who adapt

  • I hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

  • I’m glad you are able to go back to work because I know how much you enjoy your work. Are clients/patients coming back at this point? Glad to hear that you are wearing more of your colored outfits to work now!

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks Allison! Oh yes, you’d expect it will slow down but it’s true, the beauty industry is pandemic/recession-resistant. Remember that lipstick phenomenon between 2008-2010? Sales of beauty products soared. Non-invasive aesthetic treatments especially injectables are actually the most in demand. I’m just glad my patients were patient waiting for me/our clinic to open up. They were beyond excited!

  • Carleen

    I’m fortunate to be able to work from home. I know this has been quite a hardship for the service industries. Stay safe!

  • I’ve been in since the virus started getting to more people so it’s been about 10 weeks now. When I go out (and who know when that will be) it will basically be with some eye makeup on and skincare. It has to be hard to give injections now. I hope things go back to normal for you and all soon.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    This whole thing really has changed everything. Glad to hear you have found a good new normal routine, and feel safe in it. Hopefully some day you will be able to return to complete normal, but in reality who even knows what that is anymore! I like the more color, thats fun, something I definitely don’t do enough of. Also hopefully your state really can contain it as seasons change. Since you are secluded and have no states boarding you that can help! Im in a major vacation state, and we’ve seen an influx of visitors from hotspots going to create new hotspots in our state.

    • thefabzilla

      There will be no pre-covid normal so we must embrace and adapt the new normal; making sure we are safe especially our loved ones. Stay safe

  • I’m lucky that my job can be done via telecommuting so I my changes have been things like, wearing more comfortable clothes and allowing my skin to breathe more. That being said, I’ve been using the same Derma e Sprays during the day to add moisture back to the skin. Make sure to stay safe!

  • Stay safe! You look gorgeous in color.

  • It’s interesting to read about how different professions have been affected by the lock downs around the world. It’s great to see places getting back to the new normal, I have been in lock down for 10 weeks now and can’t wait for things to start reopening!

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, just be prepared with the new normal when you go back to work. Stay safe

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