I hope you are all safe in the comfort of your home, my dear friends and subscribers. Are you working from home? starting a new project perhaps? Amidst the uncertainty you and I are facing right now, let’s use this lockdown not only to prevent the spread of COVID19 to our community but also an opportunity to explore new hobbies or in my case, revisiting an old passion which is jewelry-making!

Back story: I used to make and sell accessories online and in craft fairs here on Oahu. My shop’s name then was Kakalina’s, the equivalent of Kathryne in Hawaiian, meaning pure. Unfortunately, life got in the way so I closed it in 2012 but I kept all my supplies and tools so here we are eight years after, a rekindled love for everything handmade jewelries.

You may have seen my Instagram post not too long ago showing this tourmaline necklace and earrings set. As some of you know, I love crystals and gemstones so I would be focusing on making those for my personal collection. Tourmaline attract positive energy, reduce stress and build self-confidence. Whether you believe in healing crystals or not is totally up to you. I wear mine with good intention, plus they sure amp up any outfit even though I have been working from home since the statewide shutdown here in Hawaii.

The other night, I did a marathon by making two more sets using blue agate (promote peace of mind) and vintage red coral (encourage optimism and compassion). The latter was given to me by my late mother-in-law who also loved making jewelries. In fact, she gave me her entire collection of supplies, beads and tools when she found out that I enjoy the same hobby. I’m sure she’s smiling from up above, watching me cut, twist and string.

So yeah, I’ve been wearing my handmade jewelries in virtual meetings, work-from-home shenanigans, exploring the kitchen, sightseeing the yard, in between reorganizing the pantry and doing laundry. Finding joy in the most mundane task. Boredom is a privilege these days, don’t you think so?

Is your state (or country) on lockdown too? what’s keeping you preoccupied?

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