hawaii life on lockdown

How are you my dear friends and subscribers? it has been two weeks since our governor here in Hawai’i declared a statewide lockdown so I thought I’d share with you what transpired so far, things I have accomplished, plus the good and the bad. Simply put, my life on lockdown.

As I have shared in my previous post, I have been working from home as a result of this lockdown. Like other businesses that were majorly affected by COVID-19 pandemic, both clinics that I manage are currently faced with financial uncertainties. The med spa where I also function as nurse injector & laser specialist stopped seeing patients because aesthetic treatments are considered non-essential. The family practice remains open but we switched to telemedicine and only sees patients in-clinic on a case per case basis. But we still hold daily staff meetings albeit virtually. I have updated our company website, launched online shop, posted on social media, sent out newsletters, and a lot more. I have also used this time away to attend online trainings pertaining to aesthetic procedures via webinars. So yes, I continue to be productive and busy, work-wise.

Now let’s revisit some fun stuff I did! Well, I trimmed my hair and cut my bangs, dyed my roots (color match was off so it looked like balayage, dark on top then it fades to my old brown color), made more gemstone jewelries for my collection, caved in to tiktok (follow me @kathrynekath), cooked gourmet-like dishes which husband enjoyed (he actually gained few pounds), had 3-hour long virtual group chat with my college friends, made masks from old sarongs, watched several Netflix documentaries and movies, exercised more, had spa-like DIY facials which I plan on sharing next time, and of course spent more quality time with my family.

And then boom, my health scare! So last week Friday, I developed a sore throat which quickly progressed to cough with accompanying fever. I haven’t been sick since 2007 and with everything else going on right now, I was frightened to a T! So I did what I had to do, turned to symptomatic home remedies then got tested last Monday. My doctor ordered tests for flu and COVID-19. Thankfully, I was negative for both! But this nasty bug seems to be lingering because my fever still comes and goes, being worse at night; sore throat is gone, cough slowly going away but now I am dealing with nasal and sinus congestion. Home remedies do help but I’ll evaluate next week if I succumb to taking antibiotics which I dread! It goes without saying that this experience has taught me lessons worth-mentioning to you:
1. No one is invincible. COVID-19 does not discriminate so let’s all take it seriously. Frontliners are risking their lives and their own families. I have nurse friends who are assigned to COVID units so imagine the amount of anxiety they also have to deal with. There’s shortage in PPEs and they are reusing surgical and N95 masks for heaven’s sake.
2. Although you’re healthy or you think you are, you may still get the virus.
3. Don’t feed fear with fear. Turn off TV, take a break from social media and enjoy other things at home. Explore new hobbies or revisit old passion. Fear triggers stress which in turn also weaken your immune system.
4. Deep breathing helps, not only to relax but to help expand your lungs.
5. Eat the rainbow, eat your veggies. Being whole food plant based vegan does not make one super human but a well-nourished body will be your best defense against this invisible enemy. I know this is what my body is trying to do right now.
6. The battle is not over til it’s over. To those who tested negative just like me, don’t keep your guards down. Strict hand washing, disinfecting, social distancing but really at this point, just stay home (unless of course your work is classified as essential).
7. Be prepared and have a plan in place. If you feel sick, isolate yourself right away from your family (separate bedroom/bathroom, etc) and do home remedies. Maintain distance and wear mask if there’s a chance of contact/interaction. Lastly, call your doctor, set up telemedicine and get tested as needed. Your objective is not to get to the point of acute respiratory distress.

hawaii life on lockdown

Watch this vlog for more lockdown activities!

How about you? tell me how you’re dealing with lockdown.

Stay safe!

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16 thoughts on “Hawaii Life on Lockdown: The Good and The Bad

  • Kristina Vieweg

    Sounds like you are staying busy, which is great! Glad to hear your health scare wasn’t serious, but I hope you start feeling better soon.

  • Wow, I’m so sorry that you are sick but grateful to hear that it’s neither the flu nor Covid-19. I have a friend who was told she has Covid-19, went into the hospital, was given antibiotics and discharged, and was not given a test. She’s at home and even sicker than before. Things are so screwed up. I hope you will recover quickly so you can keep up your busy routine. These are scary and uncertain times for sure. Take care xoxo

    • thefabzilla

      Wow, sorry to hear about your friend. I’d be mad if I was told I have covid but never get tested. That was wrongfully handled. I hope your friend recovers too. First time I had good sleep last night, hope it continues. Take care and stay safe

  • Sound you staying busy 🙂 I cook and watch movies and tv shows 🙂 Also today the whole day I was taking pictures for the blog and IG 🙂 So I say I was productive today:) Hugs!

  • Most importantly, I am so happy that you didn’t test positive for COVID-19. It is definitely a scary time to get any bug! I am glad that you are working from home and that you are safe and healthy!

  • You are keeping quite busy with your job. They are lucky to have you. I miss my family while I hunker down with my husband and dog. But it will be wonderful once we are together again.

    • thefabzilla

      Hopefully this will be over soon so we get be all normal again. Stay safe!

  • Icequeen81

    Hopefully will be over soon, lets keep the faith and doing and using our time positive

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks much! Yes, hopefully we can all be normal again doing normal activities. Stay safe and healthy!

  • I’m so sorry you’ve been sick but glad you’re taking this seriously. *hug*

  • So glad you don’t have the virus though I bet that was scary! I’ve been doing a few of the same things.

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