Simple and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

This pandemic lockdown has forced us to do everything on our own. With non-essential businesses closed, from salons to cafes to restaurants, we have turned ourselves to hairstylists, colorists, baristas, even nail technicians. In the last 3 weeks since working from home, I colored and cut my hair and just last night, I attempted a spring nail art. Which brings me to my next point, I have been enjoying creating different smoothie concoctions the past week! While I still prefer the good old way of chewing fruits and veggies, drinking smoothie during my breaktime has become an indulgence. Something I look forward to, a me-time so to speak.

So what is the secret to a great tasting smoothie, especially now that we are on limited grocery trip? I pre-cut everything (or your can buy the frozen ones), put in ziplock, then freeze. I aim for 3-4 variety of vegetables and/or fruits per bag, as you can see from my photos below. I don’t add sugar or any sweetener to my smoothie and while you can mix it with your favorite plant-based milk, I prefer mine to be simple and healthy. Just add water and since your concoctions are frozen, it’s beyond refreshing. Blend, pour in a fancy glass, pick a spot in your house where you can enjoy your drink, then savor the moment.

Mango Tango: a delicious blend of mango, carrot and sweet corn

Spring Spinach: spinach, mango and peach

Gogo Banana: banana, red apple, carrot, lime squeeze

Enjoy your smoothie. Let me know your favorite concoction.

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