Vegan lifestyle blogger Kathryne from Thefabzilla takes you inside the Aloha Animal Sanctuary located in Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

Last weekend we visited the Aloha Animal Sanctuary upon the invitation of my husband’s niece, Leilani, who is one of the volunteers. The two-acre sanctuary is nestled at the base of the majestic Koola’u Mountain in Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. Established in 2019, the non-profit sanctuary for farm animals currently serves 20 rescued animals, some with special needs. I first heard of them when Haku, one of the pigs, graced the cover of a local newspaper here and since then, I’ve been really meaning to visit this place.

Hearing the stories on how the animals got to the sanctuary will melt everyone’s heart. Haku for example, pictured above, was saved from being slaughtered for a thanksgiving feast.

Goats Ana (tri-color) and Elsa (white) were saved from a dairy farm. Elsa as it turned out is pregnant and ready to pop anytime! Waipanu (black-brown) the youngest goat was stolen from her mother and was sold on Craigslist. She eventually got rescued by one of the volunteers.

Ducklee, pictured on left, has a wing deformity which makes him unable to fly. At the time of our visit, Luna the duck, just came out from the hospital because her egg got stuck. I snapped a shot of her being administered with calcium supplementation.

Hei Hei the chicken is thriving with one eye. A family found him bleeding, almost dying, but was a given a new lease in life. And I believe it’s Fern, another duck, walking on one leg. We were told that she will be given with a prosthesis leg soon.

The sanctuary relies on donation and support from animal-loving people to continue to operate. You can choose to volunteer, sponsor an animal (financial assistance will go towards food, supplies, vet bills, medicines as necessary), participate in their events, or shop their t-shirt. Today, Winkles our dog donated to help piggies build their dream barn.

There are three reasons why people choose to be vegan: for the animals, for health (granting it’s focused on whole food plant based), for the planet. While veganism is deeply rooted on animal compassion, I see no problem if people start their journey with the other two. I started with health and eventually aligned my lifestyle overall (read my journey). If you are transitioning and need guidance, check out my 101 here.

Here is a video to show everyone in action. It’s fun, fun, fun!

Have you visited a sanctuary like this? Let me know in the comments section!

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