Self-help Books to Read in 2020

I’m back to blogging my lovely friends and subscribers! I took a brief hiatus to recharge and enjoy my time with family and loved ones. As some of you know, I traveled to California during the holidays and while it was a short one, it gave me the much needed break from all the stress I have dealt with last year. But I am back to the grind as things start to settle down, work-wise so I am slowly inching my way to writing for my blog again. Writer’s block is real but with my mind cleared from distractions, I can start spewing interesting content for you again!

Self-Help Books to Read in 2020

So I mentioned stress, add the anxiety. We have different ways and means to cope up with those two but certainly, positive affirmation, meditation, prayers and talking it out to my loved ones helped me a lot. Sometimes, we get encouragement from other sources, a book for example. Not too long ago, I received a copy of the 6 Minute Diary. It’s filled with words of encouragement, empowerment, love and self-acceptance. I remember in high school, I had a diary keeping tab of how my day went, whether good or bad. God I miss those days! Well this book will somehow help you revisit the idea of recollection, but more in tune with present times, how to deal with everyday stresses and empower you if self-doubt seems to swallow you whole.

the 6 minute diary self-help book

You cannot tailor-make the situations in life, but you can tailor-make your attitudes to fit those situations– Zig Ziglar

This resonates to me, I’ve had a poster before written quite similarly “you cannot control situations but you can manage your reactions”. Whenever I am faced with obstacles, I attack it with the same thought process.

The 6 Minute Diary starts with the basics: mantra to live by. For example, our evening routine. I am guilty of checking my phone just before I hit the sack. Just last night, I had to respond to a not-so-urgent patient email at 11:30 pm. To which my husband told me, you know you’re not working on a a Sunday night, right? But all things aside, this book will make you reflect on your good deed, whether for yourself or others. Oftentimes, we are so caught up with personal issues that we forget the good things we have done for that particular day.

” Do not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday”

This is another mantra I live by but I have a tendency to over-analyze and critique myself. What else can I improve on? what other techniques should I institute to better my skills as a nurse injector? I know I will never stop from learning. Complacency leads to failure.

Going vegan your daily planner

During my holiday vacation with my family, my mom and her partner totally went vegan and this made me really happy. Their words “this was easy and we immediately felt the difference it made on our bodies”. Now to some of you that are on the crossroad, there’s a new book entitled Going Vegan with daily planner in it. It has tips, recipes and component of self-accountability. In short, this is what a new vegan should read and get started. People go vegan for three reasons: animal compassion, health (if focused on whole food plant based), benefit of the planet.

Veganism is not about perfection but our sincerest desire to not contribute to animal cruelty. It is a way of life that goes beyond one’s plate. Meaning, it’s not merely a diet but a lifestyle altogether. Now if you want to be vegan for health reasons, even better for as long as you avoid processed and faux meat alternatives and focus on whole food plant-based (vegetables, fruits, legumes, seed, beans). I’ve had people ask me if going vegan is expensive. Yes and no. Yes if you buy all these processed faux meats and no if you focus on plants. Another analogy: between the cost of buying vegetables and cost of coronary artery bypass surgery, which one would you rather spend on? What about the chemicals in plants? well honey, everything that surround us has been chemically treated one way or the other unless you grow your own vegetables. People worry about things you can wash off but are you aware of the antibiotics, hormones, not to forget fat and bad cholesterol that’s clogging your artery for every meat you consume? A whole food plant based vegan diet will not make you a superman/woman but to date, it is the only form of diet that has been clinically proven to prevent and reverse certain chronic diseases that continue to plague our nation, no thanks to SAD (standard american diet).

You can purchase both books from Amazon.

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