Vegan Foodie Tries Via Gelato in Kaimuki Hawaii

I haven’t done Black Friday shopping in years but my sister in law is in town so we had some girl time to ourselves yesterday. But we skipped the elbow to elbow mall madness and instead visited local boutiques and shops around Honolulu. After all, we both love supporting local artists as well as having a penchant for one of a kind creations. I purchased a handmade rainbow glass pendant, jewelry set and a pair of butterfly earrings. After our light lunch, we drove to Kaimuki to visit Via Gelato to try their vegan options! Per their website,

Vegan Foodie Tries Via Gelato in Kaimuki Hawaii

“Via Gelato began as a food truck serving artisanal quality gelato with unique flavors inspired by local Hawaiian tastes and people came out to the side of the road and farmer’s markets in lines. One year later, Via Gelato opened a store in Kaimuki with even more flavors than the six that could fit in a truck, and a brightly-lit, family-friendly ambiance. “

Vegan Foodie Tries Via Gelato in Kaimuki Hawaii

The creamy white facade of Via Gelato stands out in the rustic yet charming neighborhood of Kaimuki. It is easy to find and there’s ample parking across the establishment. The rattan couch outside is a lovely shabby chic addition, don’t you think so? that’s where my sister in law and I hang out while tasting each of their vegan gelato (flavors include coconut gingerbread, peppermint, coffee). Upon entering, we were greeted by their staff with wide welcoming smile. The interior is bright, clean and cozy with few tables to accommodate small groups. They have merchandise on display and the menu is very straightforward. You approach the staff on the other side of the counter, order what you like, and they will prepare it pronto. I love that they have vegan and sugar-free options. Signs of the times, you have to cater to every important demographic! They don’t use plastics here. If you dine in, your treats will be served in ceramic bowls and metal utensils or for to-go like what we did, paper cups and wooden spoons were utilized.

I understand that their gelatos change daily as they are all handmade in Hawaii. When we came in, the vegan options at the counter include coconut gingerbread, flurry peppermint, green tea, and coffee. My favorite is the coconut gingerbread, it does taste holiday-ish! Love a good handmade gelato? you can sign up for their subscription, vegan options included!

Vegan Foodie Tries Via Gelato in Kaimuki Hawaii

We enjoyed visiting Via Gelato, mahalo Alana for inviting us!

Via Gelato address: 1142 12th Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

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16 thoughts on “Vegan Foodie Tries Via Gelato in Kaimuki

  • My friend is trying to give up dairy because it seems she is lactose intolerant, but she loves ice cream. Thank you for the idea of finding some handmade vegan ice cream or gelato around here to give her!

    • thefabzilla

      plenty of plant-based mild options. before I became full vegan, dairy was the very first one I quit because I had lactose intolerance

  • Coconut Gingerbread sounds like it will be my favourite as well! I’ve been making all kinds of “nice-creams” (even with Ber fruit haha), and am always looking for new flavour combinations.

  • Vegan gelato sounds heavenly 😍 I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t have dairy as much as I would like to! Great pictures!

    • thefabzilla

      before I became full vegan, dairy was the very first one I quit because I had lactose intolerance

  • You would be so proud – my husband has moved us into 50% plant based! 🙂 We have tried jack fruit, made our own hummus too! He watched The Game Changers and it opened his eyes (and mine)…he does all the cooking, so I was down for whatever he wants to do. 🙂 I REALLY enjoyed his Hummus and the fettucini alfredo – both plant based.

    • thefabzilla

      I’m so proud of you guys! Yes, I do know people that converted after watching The Game Changers

  • How great that you have this vegan place. I agree about keeping away from the malls and shopping at local places instead.

  • oooh this sounds SO GOOD. I think Ice Cream is one of the harder things to dupe in terms of dairy/non dairy because of the texture.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    This sounds so good, and I just LOVE their branding! So cute!

  • The coffee flavored one sounds delicious! I’ve actually never even tried gelato so I could start with a vegan option easy!

  • Natoya

    Plant based deserts are my favourite. I haven’t tried vegan gelato but it does sound so delicious

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    You had me at Flurry Peppermint!

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