Hawaii Vegan Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares her breast cancer scare story to raise awareness on October Breast Cancer Month

Last week, I had my diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound for a breast asymmetry found on my regular mammogram two weeks prior. While I am aware that majority of these cases can be benign, there’s still a chance of me having the big C. Cancer. As RN, I kept telling myself not to worry because I am aware of the next steps in case it’s positive. But I was worried af. A lot of what if’s and prayers. But at the same time, I was also preparing for the worse. But how can it be? I am healthy, I eat healthy. Genes? But I don’t have relatives that had or passed from breast cancer. So I will shave my head? Will my mom and sis shave their heads for me too? All these thoughts running through my mind. That partly explains why I was quiet on the blog: my anxiety level was rocket high!

Now add this: the day before my appointment, the hospital staff told me that I have to pay $700+ out of pocket because I haven’t met my insurance deductible yet (oh yeah coz I haven’t been sick, not even a cold for over a decade to make me use it). So she asked “would you like to proceed with the procedures?”. I answered yes but at the back of my mind, I’m like duh, do I have a choice? I waited 2 weeks for this. I will pay to hear the results. Good or bad.

Now let me tell you: if you haven’t done mammogram, it’s the most uncomfortable and painful procedure. Small boobs or big, your tities will be squished just the same with all might and power. So it’s going to be take 2 for me but with different views. I’ve come this far, $700 & all, squish me again!!! I was then escorted to the adjacent room for my ultrasound. While the technician is doing her work, I was silently looking at the monitor, trying to interpret what I see. But no, I told myself… let the radiologist tell me exactly. So after few minutes, she came in and did additional ultrasound. I told her “doctor, I paid $700 to hear the good news. And she asked why that high so I mentioned about the deductible issue. She smiled back and said: everything looks good so it’s all worth it. Whew! Boy I was lucky this year. But not all women will hear the good news I had.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know that 1 in every 8 women will have a lifetime risk of breast cancer? 7 will be worried. Well I was! Meat, processed and dairy are linked with increased risk of breast cancer. According to a new study funded by the National Cancer Institute, of the 1,941 women diagnosed with breast cancer, it was found that those who consumed the most American, cheddar, and cream cheeses had a 53 percent increased risk for breast cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part of the World Health Organization, has classified processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning, it has enough evidence to support that it causes cancer, while red meat as class 2A which is probably carcinogenic.Do you think it’s about time to put warning labels on these food? I think we can do better than wearing pink ribbons because we already know what it stands for… what about time to actually do something that will prevent it? Let’s take the proactive action . Focus on a well balanced whole food plant-based lifestyle, if you’re a woman age 40 and above, go for baseline mammogram, do breast check every month. These small steps can actually prevent the big C. It’s not rocket science but at least we did something.

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4 thoughts on “My Breast Cancer Scare Story

  • I’m sorry you had to go through that fright but unfortunately so many of us do that. It’s the worst feeling. But when you get good results those fade away. I’m glad that you got those good results.

  • I also had a scare when I discovered a lump under my arm. It ended up being a blocked gland but still really scary!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    So sorry that was overtaking things. Anything like that in the back of the mind can be overwhelming and make everything impossible without the thoughts! Glad you got those wonderful results!

  • Jen Walker

    How stressful! I’m so glad to hear everything turned out ok for you!

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