Get to know Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Kathryne from Thefabzilla as she hares her current obsessions right now.

I saw this post from my fellow blogger friends Courtney from Phyrra and Jen from My Beauty Bunny and thought that this is a fun-way for my new and old subscribers to get to know the other side of me. So here’s a roundup of totally random things I’m obsessing with right now:

Wishing: Stress is something I have been dealing lately. I have mentioned this on my youtube channel quite a few times. It’s definitely not self-induced and for the most part, I have been good in dealing with stress except this one. Only because it involves a “family member” who betrayed me. Wish it was that easy for me to narrate everything that happened and why it has caused so much imbalance in my life but in the interest of privacy, I’d rather just wish it out loud: I wish for this upheaval to be done and over with because I want my life back. And yes, I believe in karma: what goes around, comes around.

Cooking: You know I love cooking at home even though there are times I’d rather just sit back and do nothing. I love cooking big batch of soup, Asian dishes, and lately I have been learning Lebanese recipes and making my vegan version. I posted this cucumber tomato wrap with mint leaves, masala powder and vegan cream cheese on Instagram.

Drinking: I am currently addicted to matcha latte (almond milk) from Starbucks. It’s a quick “perk me up” sans the jittery of coffee of which I quit drinking last year! Truth be told: I like matcha but I’m staying away from sugar so I have been looking for a matcha powder that’s similar to Starbucks so I can just make my own. I also enjoy Teecino Dark Roast Dandelion tea, the closest to tasting coffee ever! I drink lots of water throughout the day though.

Get to know Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Kathryne from Thefabzilla as she hares her current obsessions right now.

Reading: Now that I have revisited one of my many passions, crystals and gemstones (I used to make and sell them online back in the day), I have been reading this book during my free time to update my knowledge on different crystals and their healing properties.

Wanting: I have been wanting to visit my mom (who lives in California) and my sister (who lives in Seattle) this holiday season so hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some time. My only consideration is to have my stressor dealt with before the holidays so I can really relax big time. The last time we all saw each other as a family was two years ago when they visited me here in Hawaii.

Helping: Helping is second nature to me. No matter who it is. But I’ve learned better through the years because I’ve had encounters with people who used me and took advantage of my generosity. Like I tell my husband now, I’d rather help a complete random stranger than a friend or relative who will stab me in the back.

Looking: I’m looking forward to fall as it signals the start of cozy days and long nights and while we don’t get to experience the epic fall foliage here in Hawaii, the weather itself brings a different vibe to me. I’m totally a fall girl!

Bookmarking: Too many to mention but I’ve been browsing etsy more these days looking at crystals and gemstones.

Despising: I despise dishonest and lazy people. Oh, also those who power-trip. Dude, we breathe same air!

Loving: I love my husband, Winkles our baby dog, and my family.

Watching: My husband and I love horror or thriller movies so a big chunk of our iTunes movie collection is devoted to that. We watched the movie MA not too long ago in the theater and when it came out in itunes, we had to watch it again. Our default TV station is HGTV, I like the Property Brothers. Netflix-wise, I prefer documentaries and the last one I watched was American Factory (a Chinese billionaire opened a new company in the abandoned General Motors company hiring 2000 Americans in the brink of unemployment and homelessness). You can see the difference in work ethics of Chinese and American workers.

Hoping: I’m hoping to pursue my DNP (doctor in nursing practice) soon because I had to push it back due to the stressor I am wishing to end real soon. My papers are all in, it’s just a matter of me scheduling an interview.

Needing: I need a good uninterrupted sleep. I also need good a vacation and just be by myself so I can regain my balance. I also need to get back to my exercise routine (I used to do 3x a week at 2 hours each) so now that the weather is a lot nicer, I know I can do it again.

Laughing: My mom and I have a different kind of humor that’s hard to comprehend by others. With my mom, we can both laugh at each other’s stupidity.

Smelling: Two fragrances I enjoy: vanilla and pikake.

Wearing: I wear stacks of crystal bracelets. I switch up my pendant depending on the positive vibe I want to attract. 99% of my wardrobe is black. I love sneakers and own quite a collection (and vegan handbags of course). All through summer, I’m wearing colored mascara and I don’t see myself stopping quite yet.

Thinking: I have been thinking of ways to improve my YouTube channel and create engaging content. I want to learn to fly drone so I can take cinematic and panoramic shots from above.

Admiring: I admire my sister who found her true calling. She expanded her daycare and looking to open a branch.

Buying: I haven’t been buying makeups lately because nothing excites me. I’m looking to add more crystals to my collection and possibly buy a luxury vegan bag if budget allows.

Snacking: I’m not a huge snacker but I do like the taste of Plant Snacks vegan cheddar chips (made from cassava roots) once in a great while.

Disliking: I dislike my kitchen at the moment as a result of recent termite situation (it’s under control now) but that meant having to remodel the kitchen. I hate when I don’t have enough space for my cooking.

Get to know Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Kathryne from Thefabzilla as she hares her current obsessions right now.

Feeling: I feel hopeful despite the stressor. I’ve learned to meditate again to help with anxiety.

It’s your turn. I want to see your answers, don’t forget to tag me on social media in case you do this post.

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14 thoughts on “The No BS List of What I’m Obsessed With Right Now

  • I did this post a couple off days ago too, and really enjoy reading this type of content! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself, Kath. As for your unpleasant situation with your family member– you can only do your part to resolve this situation, and if the other person isn’t yet willing to do their part there is nothing more for you to do at this point. Try not to let it get in the way of your plans– like school (congratulations, by the way), or living your life in any way.

  • I hope you feel less stressed soon – sorry you’re going through that! You and your mom are so cute!

  • This is such a cool post to really get to know you. Sending you positive vibes regarding the stress. I’m digging the stacked bracelets and want to increase my jewelry collection and what better way than with crystals.

  • These are such great posts because we see a more rounded person than usual. So sorry about the family member. I hope that fences can be mended.

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks. That person did so much damage to me and my husband, I don’t know how it can be mended

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    I would love to sit down and do these for my blog too!
    #1 you look so much like your mom!
    #2 where are those sunglasses you have on in the lighthouse trail pic??

  • I looooove Vanilla scents come fall and winter. Such the perfect warm fragrance note!

  • Stephanie Telford

    I’m super into crystals so I’ll have to check that out

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