Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares her Kinder Beauty Subscription Box for May

My Kinder Beauty May Box arrived beginning of June, kind of late as I usually receive the box second or third week of the month. I didn’t have the time to do a video unboxing so we’ll just contend ourselves with static photos for now, shall we? (watch April unboxing)

If you’re unfamiliar, Kinder Beauty Box exclusively caters to a niche demographics: beauty-loving gals that prefer cruelty-free and vegan products ranging from skincare to makeup to lifestyle (read: how to veganize your beauty stash). For $24 a month (includes free shipping), the amount of products you get from your box is usually worth over $80. I have enjoyed the product inclusions from the previous months, hence my decision to continue with the subscription. But how about in May? will I be singing the same tune? read further for the verdict.

Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares her Kinder Beauty Subscription Box for May

I initially thought that this hydra tint from Clove + Hallow ($20) was a nail polish. Bottled like one. With a brush like one. I was actually excited to see a nude nail polish that I thought I can use for everyday wear. But lo, it turned out to be a cheek product! A blush serum supposedly infused with hyaluronic acid. A wonderful find I must say. The shade I received is Nakey, a subtle nude peach which is very easy to blend and apply on the cheeks. The selfie photo was taken six hours into wearing it, over tinted sunscreen. While I am not a fan of the packaging, I love its blendability and longevity, considering the hot and humid weather here in Hawaii.

I love getting makeup brushes from a subscription box because they always come in handy, right? This cheek brush from MOTD Cosmetics ($16) is angled and works best in applying liquid makeup just like the blush serum I mentioned above. Akar Skin is a new to me brand, the deluxe-size samples feature the Mini Balance Toning Mist ($15) and Mini Clarify Face Oil ($24). Pricey for the teeny tiny size! I will let you know in the coming months if these are worth the purchase at all (full size products are $50+).

This travel size clay dry deodorant from Zion Health ($3.49) is made without aluminum and paraben, and infused with witch hazel, vitamin E, arrowroot, rosemary leaf and calcium montmorillonite clay (contains more than 57 trace minerals that help absorb odor and balance skin pH). I have only tried it once, while working out this past weekend, and thankfully I have not experienced irritation so far. This sugar scrub from Bombee ($10.99) is a nice filler for May but I can live without it. I have tons of body scrubs already. It’s nothing special, period.

So what do I think of May box? I’m not head over heels crazy about it, except for the surprising find, the Clove + Hallow blush serum, and the makeup brush I can always use anyway. The rest did not wow me enough, sadly.

Curious to try Kinder Beauty? here’s my referral link

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19 thoughts on “Kinder Beauty May Box Impressions

  • I agree with your assessment 100%. I adore the cheek serum. I too thought it was nail polish. Does it have a brush inside the bottle like a polish to apply the liquid blush? The shade is gorgeous.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, just like a nail polish. Odd presentation but I liked the serum concept

  • I loved the blush serum in my box (shade Georgia), but I’ve had to cancel after my June box because of insane payment issues. First, I got charged twice for the same month. Then, they cancelled BOTH charges so the box shipped out after the 27th by the time I realised this and got them to charge me again. Meanwhile, I was overcharged for postage, and, instead of refunding that alone, I got refunded for the whole thing. Then, my entire account was cancelled so I had to create a new one with a new email and subscribe all over again. I’ll be back with the box eventually, but I think there are some growing pains first.

  • I think it’s a nice box though not the best. I’d be very happy with the blush serum though so that would bring a big smile to my face. The scrub would be a great size for travel.

  • That cheek tint looks so nice on you and I’d be glomming on that blush brush. I responded to our Insta post on my laptop and Instagram isn’t allowing me to see captions on my computer and I just winged it and thought the cheek colour was a nail polish. So, I’m not insane. Just faking it. lol

  • The cheek serum looks really nice.

  • Since I’ve been CF’ing my life, I’ve looked into the Kinder Box, but I just haven’t been blown away by the contents in the last few months. I’m hoping they will review thoughts of influencers (like you) and cater a little more to our needs.

  • Jen Walker

    It isn’t a bad box, but not as exciting as others. It looks like the blush had a pretty good wear time!

  • I definitely thought the Clove + Hallow was a nail polish, too! I love that it is a check serum though! I need to check it out!

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    The blush cream looks nice! Great color. I thought it was nail polish also.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    That scrub looks really nice! I totally thought that was a polish too! Looked like it would have been a good everyday color for you! Still looks like a nice product even though its not what we expected! 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this box! What a great collection of useful products.

  • I love the Clove + Hallow blush but I hate that container.

  • I love that makeup brush!! I agree, my favorite item to receive too!

  • Im interested i the Ch&H cheek tint but that bottle and brush seem like id be hard to get it right and id end up with two circles on my cheeks. lol

    • thefabzilla

      I thought so too but my trick is to brush little at the back of my hand then use stippling brush when applying

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