Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares a simple DIY skincare using tea tree oil

Today we are going to do a do-it-yourself skincare product using a popular essential oil that lists a plethora of benefits and uses, tea tree oil. Known to be a good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal, tea tree or melaleuca, is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Whenever I have a zit or two, I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment. I also use it for bug bites. I have also used a shampoo in the past with tea tree oil to help with scaly scalp. Yes, all these with success. Recently, I dipped into essential oils and what a skincare junkie gotta do? whip up my own oil! (read: how to veganize your beauty stash)

Some of the popular uses of tea tree oil, besides those I mentioned, include mouthwash, aid in wound healing, treat athlete’s foot, relieve itchiness, remove ticks, repel insects, even as all-purpose cleaner. Do I smell more DIY’s in the future? why not? when I was just starting to blog many moons ago, I used to do a lot of DIYs here so it would be a great idea to revisit this passion!

Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares a simple DIY using tea tree oil.

For our tea tree oil project, I am using coconut oil as our carrier. While you can directly apply tea tree oil topically, I highly suggest to use a carrier oil as too high of a concentration may trigger allergic reaction. Always do a test patch if you are introducing a new skincare ingredient. Stop using if there’s rash and sensitivity. If you want to use the finest in purely sourced natural ingredients, check out Maple Holistics (use code MAPLEFUN for 15% off your purchase). You can purchase the essential and carrier oil individually or as a set which I intend to do as I expand my skincare DIYs! Maple Holistics coconut oil is fractionated. In simpler terms, it’s fraction of an oil whereby the medium chain triglyceride is retained making it a highly concentrated oil. This procedure makes it stable with longer shelf life.

Ready with our DIY? all you need is an empty bottle with dropper (I recycled an old one), 30 drops coconut oil, 8 drops tea tree oil. Yes, that simple.

Hawaii Lifestyle Blogger Thefabzilla shares a simple DIY using tea tree oil.

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Any suggestion for our next DIY?

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8 thoughts on “The Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I’ve been using tea tree oil for years for so many uses and I love it. I love it for a spot treatment and my scalp!

  • Thanks for the recipe!

  • I don’t use tea tree oil because in the past the smell was too strong for me. I wonder if I could tolerate it now.

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    I love making my own EO blends with coconut oil. Tea Tree oil definitely has a lot of healing properties.

  • I’m scared of tea tree on my face but it’s in my shampoo.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    It is a really useful oil but I can’t get past the scent, wish I could!

  • I didn’t know it could be used with acne too! This baby has caused so much hormonal acne lately and I hate it!

    • thefabzilla

      Oh no! Once you give birth, it will start to heal up. Just take the best of care that it won’t lead to scarring

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