Hawaii Fitness Blogger Thefabzilla shares her ride or die workout essentials

Despite my ultra busy schedule, I don’t let the week slide without working out. In fact I’m about to engage in one as soon as I am done writing and scheduling this post. My type of workout varies but in most times, you’d find me dancing hiphop, hula-hooping, running the treadmill, lifting dumbells and kettlebell, biking, or doing basic yoga. Regardless of my routine, there are three essentials I can’t live without, hence ride or die!

My first essential is music. Music impacts my energy significantly, more than words can describe. Dancing is my cardio: lots of jumping, gyrating, totally hiphop vibes baby! My playlist is blasting with old school hiphop with a bit of new ones. As such, I rely on heavy duty, bluetooth and cordless earphones that will allow me to move optimally; add the incredible sound quality, you bet there’s no stopping your mama! What if I tell you that Airpods got some serious competition now? enter Pamu Slide, the newest market player that is comparable to the latter as far as features go. I am privileged to test out this compact workout companion before it hits the mainstream. Set to launch soon, subscribe to their indiegogo site and get 70% off thru email only discount. The price is not disclosed yet but I’m hoping it will be cheaper than the $199 airpods. As you can see from the above photos, the charging case slides (hence the name), the stem is a little thicker than airpods but it fits snugly to my ear. The quality of sound is fabulous, I can’t even tell the difference between the two. Other cool features include: water-resistant, up to 60 hrs of play time, connects wirelessly with ease, and you can use the case to charge your phone wirelessly by laying it over the top.

EDIT: As of June 5, 2019, Pamu Slide is now available for purchase at Indiegogo. Enjoy up to 70% off!

Hawaii Fitness Blogger shares her ride or die workout essentials

Next on my list is sunscreen, whether I am exercising outdoors or indoors (UV rays penetrate windows). I can’t emphasize this enough: the most important skincare you need to add to your beauty stash (if you haven’t yet) is sunscreen. Opt for at least SPF 30. Reapplication is crucial especially if you are staying out longer in the sun. The rule of thumb to receive adequate sun protection is to reapply every two hours, more so if you sweat or get wet. Don’t forget your ears, decolletage and even eyelids. Do you know that Supergoop has an eyeshadow cream with SPF 30? I think it’s a nifty idea. I have it in sunset shade (copper brown). For the face, I use Andalou Naturals or Coola alternately. For my body, my go-to is Pacifica.

My last essential is water, not a fancy drink to give me power. Water rehydrates the body and re-energize me in between high impact workout. I think this is pretty self-explanatory but I know some who would rather chug soda or energy drink than water. We learn this in school, our body is 60% water, we need it to sustain and support body functions. Have you ever experienced muscle cramps while working out? in most cases, water can help ease the cramping (read: fitness do’s and dont’s)!

Hawaii Fitness Blogger shares her ride or die workout essentials

What about you? what are your essentials?

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10 thoughts on “3 Ride or Die Workout Essentials

  • Wow are Air Pods really $199? I’m so out of touch! LOL! Those Pamu Slides look like a great alternative.

  • Great essentials. My husband especially needs the music for his exercising. He doesn’t advice people to ride bikes in traffic with earphones though but for everything else he’d like those Pamu Slides.

    • thefabzilla

      Oh yes. Even with me, no music on the road, when crossing, when alone.

  • Jen Walker

    My essentials are pretty much the same as yours! I overheat crazy fast, so water is a big essential for me if I want to keep up with my workouts. I also have to have music on; I’m just not quite motivated to keep it up for a length of time without it.

  • Great list of essentials, Kath!

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Music is A MUST, and I totally want to try some cordless ones!

  • I definitely prefer music when I work out. I tend to work out in a gym so sunscreen isn’t as crucial but water definitely is! I’m really interested in those new headphones – I haven’t tried Air Pods but I love the concept.

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