3 things you can do to celebrate earth month

It’s Earth month. Instead of just merely acknowledging it, why not do something that’s actually actionable not just for a day or for a month, but for lifetime. Start with one goal, walk the talk, then add as you get accustomed to your newfound lifestyle. For example, 

1. Ditch plastic. The past weeks had been horrific for marine life. The carcass of a pregnant sperm whale got washed up in Sardinia, Italy, with over 40 pounds of plastic in its stomach, together with a lifeless fetus. In Davao, Philippines, a dead whale got washed ashore with over 80 pounds of ingested plastic (shopping bags, rice sacks). When I read these news, I got really teary-eyed and angry at the same time.

What you can do: recycle or reuse, bring your own shopping bag, don’t use plastic straws & utensils. 

2. Re-think fast fashion. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Fast fashion is basically cheaply made clothes mostly manufactured from third world countries where child labor, unsanitary work conditions, health hazards, and cheap labor exist. Fast fashion means shorter life cycle for clothes which eventually end up in the landfill.

What you can do: shop second hand, opt for quality than quantity, be mindful of the clothing materials you wear. Do you know that polyester, a synthetic petroleum-based fibre is not biodegrable? it is cheap to produce it, hence most fast fashion use it as a material. Sadly, microfiber plastic like polyester is a major pollutant in the ocean. The fibers get eaten by the fish which ends in your plate eventually.

3. Go vegan. Truth: Animal farming produces more greenhouse gas than all the cars, planes, and transportation combined. By going vegan, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 73% (Univ. of Oxford, June 2018). You spare the animals from cruelty, you save the planet, you save your health (granting if you eat a well balanced whole food plant based).

What you can do: start incorporating a plant-based lifestyle as you transition to veganism (read my tips), try easy vegan recipes, follow plant-based/vegan doctors for medical advice.

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12 thoughts on “3 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Month

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I recently went to a fast casual restaurant (you would love it, so vegan friendly) and their utensils were biodegradable and plant based! I wish more companies had those! I hate plastic utensils.

    • thefabzilla

      That’s so nice! Yes, it would be nice if more restaurants will follow through

  • Aw! I bet environmental concerns are even more readily apparent living in Hawaii. The oceans are so beautiful yet fragile there.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, Hawai’i already banned use of plastics. In 2021, chemical sunscreens will be banned too

  • I worry about the earth too but I personally don’t know if going vegan is the answer. Maybe it’s because that’s not a lifestyle choice I’d make.

  • We recycle everything and only buy cruelty free products (aside from prescription medications) We have a ways to go still, but Im a firm believer that everyone can do something, but no one can do everything.

    • thefabzilla

      I agree. We do our best. Something is always better than nothing.

  • I’ve been dipping my toes in thrifting to make shopping for clothes more sustainable and always bring my own bags for groceries.

  • 25 Sweetpea

    Some of our local coffee shops are switching to the straw straws instead of plastic!

  • Great tips that are easily doable for the average person! Happy Earth month!

  • Jen Walker

    I get a fair bit of my wardrobe second hand and I keep reusable bags in the cars for any impromptu trips to the store. It’s been hard being back in Arizona and seeing so many plastic bags!

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