Diets for weight loss
Diets for weight loss

Hello everyone! I have a different twist to GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video today as I shared my weight loss journey, different diets I have tried, what failed and worked, of course taking into consideration my overall health needs. You may know me as someone who’s all about fitness and healthy lifestyle but it wasn’t always the case especially when I was in my early 20s. The constant dining out, stress eating, and frequent nightout’s as attributed to my work then in the pharmaceuticals resulted to weight gain and various health issues (read my vegan journey).

Although I have strong healthcare and patient care experience being that I am a Registered Nurse by profession, please consult your doctor first before engaging in any kind of diet, most especially if you have chronic illness or serious health issues. What I have shared in the video is simply my personal experience; it’s kind of like talking to your friend, albeit virtually. I have some before and after photos (wish I have more but I really hated taking pictures of myself at my heaviest weight).

In this video, I also touched on different types of intermittent fasting and the science behind it (read my old blog post). You see, my approach to GRWM is not just showing you how I do my makeup (I used Kat Von D Lolita eyeshadow palette for this segment) but really engage with you my readers and subscribers in a chit-chat manner that also shows you the other side of me, and my opinion on real-life matters for the most part.

Weight gain and/or weight loss is relative. It’s a personal journey, sometimes a struggle, especially if coupled with debilitating issues. I speak from experience but if there’s one thing that I encourage you not to do is to fall into fad diets. With the amount of resources available in the internet, it is to get swayed or overwhelmed with unfounded truths.

Is portion control good? what about calorie-counting? Atkins, Mediterranean, Keto? what about whole food plant-based? Watch the video for my “secret” to weight loss and how I kept my healthy weight through the years…

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