How to make small space look big

I have a tiny makeup room/ home office / guest room so it’s a challenge to be able to fit in everything I need and stay organized as much as I want it to but if there’s a will, there’s a way! The accompanying video (makeup room/ home office tour) below will give you an idea what I am talking about, space-wise.

3 Tips How to make small space look big

If you have small space like I do, here are my top three tips to make your room look bigger and inviting!

Paint your space with white or light hues. This seems pretty basic but it’s true. White tricks the eyes by conveying an airy and spacious room. Paint the trims and walls with the same color so it draws up the eyes vertical and horizontal. If natural lighting is an issue in your room, white creates a clean canvass, which again helps tiny space look bigger than it is.

Keep decors to a minimum. Clutter is the nemesis of tiny space. The simple, the better. The lesser, the better. I can’t emphasize this enough. Knick-knacks, frames, memorabilia, unfortunately, there’s a limit to what you can hang or display when working with small space.

Lastly, stay organized. With a pretty hectic schedule, I know things can get crazy but consider staying organized as your nirvana. You work better, you breathe better, you think better when your stuff is in order. That’s how I am in general. I cannot function, let alone my creative juice flow, if my room is not in order.

I hope you find the above tips helpful. I want to focus on the basic and what’s realistic; and for the most part, something that won’t make you buy but rather improve on what you currently have (read: how to look stylish on a budget). My room is always a work in progress as I need a decent storage under my work desk (as seen in the video) but other than that, I am pretty much contented with how it is now.

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