Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Review

Which one is better?

Today I have a back to back review of two beauty box subscriptions which are both vegan and cruelty-free: Vegan Cuts and Love Goodly.

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Review

I have been subscribed to Vegan Cuts for one year now and while they do have monthly box, I opted for the quarterly subscription ($39.95 + free shipping); reason being, I don’t want to get flooded with products which may end up not being used at all. Likewise, this gives me the chance to fully experience these full-sized products and then give you my honest to goodness opinion later on. Read: how to veganize your beauty stash.

For the winter edition, the theme is Light It Up with products valued a little over $130. Quite a steal given the cost of the subscription. If you’re unfamiliar with how Vegan Cuts Makeup Box works, they usually email you a questionnaire few days before your box is shipped. I like that while on one hand, it’s a surprise “curated” mixture of products catering to the beauty junkie in me, it also allows me to choose the color of makeups I want to receive.

Here’s a quick rundown of the products for this quarter:

Inika vegan mascara long lash, $33. I have tried few items from this brand except for this mascara as I find it a little pricey. Hopefully this won’t irritate my eyes or give me the dreaded raccoon eyes. I hate when that happens especially when I’m at work.

Emani prismatic duo tone lipstick, $20. You can never have too many red lipsticks so this one is a win for me (swatched above). I also like the striking red case, it’s easy to distinguish when I go through my stash of lippies.

Mineral Fusion trio eyeshadow, $27. I like some of their lip and nail products so hopefully this eye makeup won’t disappoint. I like that the shades in this trio are neutral. A safe choice for the working gal, so to speak.

Elate Cosmetics creme blush, $29. I have to admit, I don’t have enough experience as far as creme blushes go so I am excited to try this one. It does swatch sheen, I just hope that it won’t break me out because my skin easily reacts to products that’s “foreign” to it.

Pacifica crystal lit moon oil, $22. I have few oils from Pacifica so I’m piqued to try this as well. I will introduce this slowly to my skincare. Knock on wood, no breakouts will ensue!

Love Goodly Subscription Box Review

Love Goodly is a recent subscription for me. There are two options for this bi-monthly box: Essential which costs $34.95 (value $87.90) and VIP which is $48.95 (value $162.90). Both offer free shipping and full-sized products. The slight difference is the “bonus” product included in the VIP. So this is my second box and I’d be blunt with you, I am not impressed with their winter edit. Nonetheless, here are the products inside:

Bee Magical friendship bracelet, $15. I like the cause which is to raise awareness for saving the bees. However, this bracelet is easy and cheap to make so the practical side of me won’t convince me to buy it otherwise.

Sylveco Soothing Eye Cream, $32. Fragrance and grease-free, I have high hopes for this eye cream. Most over-the-counter eye creams won’t treat wrinkles but rather give optimal moisturization which helps diminish the appearance of such.

ZSkin Pumped Lash Primer, $17.95. I don’t usually apply lash primer but I’m game to trying this and see if it lives up to its claim of adding life and vibrance to lashes.

Pulse Quick Spray, $22.95. While its marketed as post-workout face spray, it can function as facial spritz.

Bellapiere HD Makeup Primer, $75. This is the dud. C’mon, it’s dimethicone-based! While it’s a common ingredient in cosmetics, I don’t like it because it breaks me out. So it’s a big no for me.

I have an accompanying video where I talk more about these boxes including a life update explaining the lack of blog posts and videos in the past weeks.

Curious with Vegan Cuts? here are my invites:

Vegan Cuts Monthly Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts Quarterly Beauty Box

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6 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts Makeup Box and Love Goodly Box Review: Winter 2018

  • Jan Kelley

    Sincere condolences. It is very difficult to carry on. My prayers are with you.

  • You have my very deepest condolences, Kath! I am sending love to you and your husband.

  • I’m glad to see the cream blush up close. That’s my favorite formula for blush so I hope it works out for you. I like the vegan cuts box much more than Love Goodly.
    Sorry for your loss. It’s never a good time but it’s harder near the holidays.

  • Both boxes look really promising, but if I had to chose, I’d opt for Vegan Cuts as they seem to offer more makeup selections.

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