Alexandra K Vegan Luxury Apple Leather Bag

Doc, I’m sick. Need my apple leather, quick!

Hi, welcome to my world of vegan handbags! Slightly obsessed, you’ve been cautioned. Today I’m excited to share with you my beautiful bag made from Poland, and yes, from apple peels. Someone’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. Apple leather: biodegradable, breathable and strong, our quest for the next best vegan material is getting fancier more than ever.


Alexandra K is slowly becoming my favorite, so much so that Angela Roi has taken a back seat. Reason being, Alexandra is a tad more inventive when it comes to materials. In fact, next on my wish list is her pineapple leather a.k.a pinatex. Don’t you just love the evolution of vegan community vis-a-vis brands? In fashion alone, we are inundated with innovations beyond traditional faux leather i.e PVC andPU (read: is vegan leather good or bad?) And this is great news to us ladies who are willing to pay for quality!

This satchel-crossbody is called 1.3 Mini Tote, similar to my previous Alexandra K Bag albeit the latter is hinged on sustainability (made from silicone) versus biodegradability. Same style but different material. There is also a slight variation in the texture and weight as this apple leather bag feels lighter and smoother than the other one. They’re akin to identical twins: same looks but with different personality. Regardless, their momma in leopard print booties (which by the way are made from textile), love both equally.

I like it when I can wear a bag in multiple ways so the strap that comes with it is a nifty addition. I like crossbody when I am out shopping, satchel when I’m at the clinic or in a business meeting. I also like taupe as a color. It’s mature yet sophisticated. I mean, it’s not your regular kind of neutral for lack of a better word to describe it.

So let’s talk about this pair of leopard print booties, aren’t they adorable? (read: are your shoes vegan?) I’m feeling eclectic today so it was my obvious choice for my gaucho’s and plain tee. Pointy with kitten heels, it will be easy to find me in the crowd, haha! For my makeup, I finally got the chance to wear Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Top (bronze shade), it’s really stunning whether on its own or as a topper. I’m debating if I should get the other color in black, especially since the hubs is missing the smoldering smokey eye look I used to wear back in the day. 

Watch my unboxing video below to see this apple leather bag in action!


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