mushroom leather vegan bag

Vegetable leather. Mushroom leather.

So can you eat it too? hubs trying to be funny with his silly question.

This blog post was supposed to be an unboxing video but the universe staged a riot against me last weekend because everything I recorded came out blurry! And because I cannot re-enact the excitement, rant and initial impressions altogether (keepin’ it at 100 here), I decided to just write about this new vegan and cruelty-free handbag which is made from mushroom composite! Read: is vegan leather good or bad?

As some of you know, I am a bagaholic (shoe-aholic, makeup-aholic, yeah in that order) so it’s safe to assume that I do have decent-sized collection of unique and chic vegan handbags from high end to dirt-cheap. My youtube channel, although multi-faceted, is somewhat identified for vegan handbag unboxings and reviews (watch my playlist). And I owe it to my viewers because like you, I also read and watch reviews before making a purchase, especially for high-ticket items. Variety is good, if you are a collector or in my case, as a blogger who aims to bring fresh hot stuff to my readers.

I’ve been searching for mushroom leather-made handbags but can’t find the style that I like with the right price point until recently. This hobo-crossbody bag was part of a 2-purchase haul from an online shop called The Secret Boutique. Based out of New England, USA, their products include vegan handbags, accessories and apparel. It took almost a month before my orders arrived because as it turned out, all their bags are “handmade” by local artisans around the world. When I emailed their customer service about my items shipping from China, I was told that they sub-contract all their handbags to keep the price low for consumers. Okay, I’ll take it but my two orders came one week after the other and given that it was my first time dealing with this brand, I was keeping an eye for the transit. Another disappointment? it was packaged poorly, no box but a plastic. I was afraid to open it because I didn’t want to see it damaged after weeks of waiting for this bag.

Thankfully, it came intact. And with a decent dust bag for extra protection.

Setting aside the not-so-great shipping experience, I am actually delighted with the ever-so-soft feel of this handbag. Mushroom, alongside apple peel and pinatex (pineapple fibers) are heralded to be the next best thing in vegan leather. If we are to take the company’s statement that their strict sourcing of suppliers is true, I can say that I am satisfied with this particular handbag. And for only $69, I think I hit a jackpot. It has adjustable strap, side pockets back and front (also inside) and very spacious for daily essentials.

A laid back look calls for this slouchy hobo-crossbody bag. As such, I opted for loose v-neck black shirt, faux leather black belt, statement jeans (don’t you love the slit in front?) and my current obsession, faux leather snake skin mules (read: are your shoes vegan?). This was my outfit when we watched The Halloween last weekend.

The fashion industry has come a long way by offering vegan and cruelty-free options that are stylish and sustainable (read: hemp fashion). Fashion rooted on compassion, we’re talking new world.

mushroom leather vegan bag


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14 thoughts on “Styling My New Mushroom Leather Bag

  • oh, you got me! I thought today’s post was going to be a mushroom recipe! I have never heard of using mushrooms to make “fabric”, but it makes so much sense! Love the soft casual bag! And I also love your snake booties and the cut of your cool jeans. Very smart looking outfit!

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks Allison. The shoes are from Abound, I own several of my vegan shoes from them. They’re all comfortable to wear

  • I get so much vicarious pleasure from your love of handbags! I absolutely love the look of this bag from its beautiful color to its shape! Very chic!

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks! Usually I like structure but this one turned out to be nice as well

  • Your bag collection is something else! The color of this one is beautiful and it does sound magical being made of mushrooms.

  • Ehmkay Nails

    That’s a favorite color for me for bags. It’s a great neutral! I love the shape of it too

  • I have a Marc Jacobs bag I got a few years ago that is the same style and I love it.

  • This bag is so pretty! I’m not familiar with mushroom leather. I’m curious if it is generally this standard colour (which I do like, by the way) or if they ever come in a variety of shades.

  • That bag looks amazing and I love (like LOVE) yhe colour.

  • I really like the texture! I didn’t know about this type of faux leather. Cute bag style too.

  • I was just telling someone that I prefer smaller hand-size bags but honestly this looks awesome for carrying my wallet, phone and zoe’s stuff. I’m tired of the diaper bag because it LOOKS like a diaper bag. This is stylish and neutral and I can afford it!

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Wow, I’ve not heard of such a thing! How neat, and it just looks really soft!

  • I LOVE the look of this bag, from the shade to the compartments. I would definitely snag this, perhaps forgiving the transit issues you had.

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