When flight is better than fight.

One can’t simply downplay the power of unplugging. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Stop what you’re doing and reorganize. Your thoughts, your being. Here are five ways you can unplug from the hustle and bustle and get your sanity back.

Put away your phone. I know it’s easier said than done but even just few hours in a week away away from your phone can definitely help you recharge and de-stress. Whether you are spending some time alone or going out with your husband or a friend, refrain from checking your business emails, social media or text messages. 

Play tourist in your locale. A lot of times our idea of unplugging is to travel out of state or out of the country but by merely going around town, visiting local shops or trying new cuisines in off the beaten path, you’d be surprised that there’s so much to do where you live without spending a fortune.

Commune with nature. Whether it’s walking, biking, hiking, or running, the idea of unplugging is to be away from direct stressors and spend some quiet time communing with nature. The melodic chirping of birds, wind blowing your hair, raindrops trickling down your spine…be grateful for these moments of solitude!

Treat yourself and don’t apologize. You work hard, you provide for your family, you give more to people but please don’t forget yourself. It’s easy to feel overwhelm if you give 100% to everything and everyone around you and not have anything left for yourself. Been there, done that. Be it a cup of coffee in some fancy place, new accessory or a tube of lipstick, appreciate yourself, tap your own shoulder. Who else will?

Time to cut the ties. When you allow people to take advantage of your kindness and generosity, you are giving them the signal that it is okay to walk all over you. They gain while you lose yourself along the process. Step up, say no, and cut ties. Read this: if you don’t like drama, stay out of it, don’t get involve with it. By locking out negativity, your world will change for the better.

Okay on a personal note, hubs and I got the chance to unplug for few hours last Saturday. Our anniversary falls on a weekday so we decided to celebrate it early. Nothing fancy as you can tell with my casual outfit. Like really, I fell in love with this doggy long-sleeved shirt when I saw it on Hautelook. It was too hot to wear pants so I decided to dress down with a pair of denim shorts. I also wore these faux leather peep-toe booties which proved to be the most comfortable footwear (I own two other pairs in black and ash brown). The bag is from Angela Roi (Eloise satchel) in olive green. I don’t get to use it a lot so I thought it was a good time to take it out from the closet once and for all. Makeup-wise, I kept it ultra-simple as well. Funny because hubs asked me why I never do smoky eyes anymore, to which I replied “wait til the cooler months to see this vamp come back, haha” (check out my go-to fall look).

It took us all of two hours driving to Honolulu as there was a parade going on by Waikiki. But we kept our cool nonetheless and my hangry self just enjoyed my time with my husband who was in his true element taking these photos, hallelujah! After our hearty Japanese lunch at Goma Tei by the International Market Place, the caffeine-aholic in me needed a fix thus explains the coffee cup in these candid photos (read tips on dining out as vegan). I didn’t go major shopping but I bought some really nice accessories from Anthropologie and discovered a quaint bath and body shop called Laline. I bought dry oil, hand cream and shimmer oil. Simple things. Few hours. I got my sanity back.

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14 thoughts on “Five Ways To Unplug And Gain Your Sanity Back

  • What a fantastic reminder to unplug! I actually turned off all of my social media notifications, and actually don’t miss it at all. I often leave my phone in my purse, and like feeling a bit disconnected from all of the noise (actual and the general distractions associated with our mobile devices). Excellent post, Kath!

  • I love the cute doggies on your shirt! Can’t wait to see you rock those smoky looks!

  • I love getting a massage to relax and rewind

  • Great outfit. Your shopping sounds like it made the day even more special.

  • Ehmkay Nails

    Love your dog shirt! I agree with all your ways to unplug and relax!

  • Putting down my phone is definitely a struggle, Apple came out with an update so you can set “limits” to your phone and I feel like it’s good to have cues like that to remind myself to take space

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Playing tourist in your own town is always super nice!

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Playing Tourist in your own town is always fun and a good idea!

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    3 kids plus one on the way = not much room for self sanity. But I do love your outfit.

  • Preach, sis! Those last 2 tips are EVERYTHING! Honestly, the whole list is on point, but I really struggle with those last 2.

  • I love this little purse! The green color is perfect for the season.

  • I utilize several of these methods. Normally, I love being outside so much….I enjoy the colors in nature and find taking in all the color helps fill me with joy, soothes the brain, and allows me to refocus. Another thing that I really enjoy is exploring my new home city. I’ve learned a lot about it by just driving around, taking in the sites and taking a side road I’ve not gone down before. Awesome post.

    • thefabzilla

      That’s awesome! Oftentimes it’s really the simple things that bring true joy!

  • I am so in love with those sunglasses!!!

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