Fall is almost upon us, the one and only season that I wish could be year-round! And while we don’t get to experience the out-of-this-world majestic foliage here in Hawai’i, the start of cooler temps and shorter days make me over-the-moon ecstatic with it. Cozy with a touch of shabby. Sounds odd but that’s the imagery painted in my mind from day one. Here are four fabulous ways to welcome fall!

Amp up your skincare game. Summer brings out the worse in acne, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and melasma. Even in my practice, unless the patient is deeply committed to sun protection, I advice to resume laser treatments for sun spots and melasma once fall season kicks in. Reason being, the sun is the enemy of laser, it defeats the purpose of treating hyperpigmentation, sun spots, most especially melasma because these cases worsen during summertime. But now that’s summer is over, it’s high time to be more diligent with skincare. Not ready to tackle your concerns with  lasers yet? I say start with the following, granted you are not dealing with suspicious spots, pigment or mole:

For minor cases of hyperpigmentation (i.e post-inflammatory following acne, beginning stages of sun spots), AHAs like glycolic acid is my go-to over the counter treatment. You can read more about hyperpigmentation solutions here (it’s a long one but packed with vital information). Of course, sunscreen remains to be a staple year-round! (read skincare for all ages)

Try a medical-grade facial such as chemical peel or diamond dermabrasion. Chemical peels sound frightening but note that these can be customized (strength of peel) depending on your concern and expectation. Diamond dermabrasion helps exfoliate dead skin cells and combined with soothing mask or acne treatment, it can do wonders for your skin. On a personal note, in between my radiofrequency microneedling which I do every 3 or 4 months (read a dedicated post here), I do enjoy in-clinic facials! That’s on top of my twice-weekly DIY home masks. Quite an indulgence but all these treatments really help my skin behave nicely (ahem, 44).

Wear breezy but darker palette, wardrobe-wise. While there is no cut and dry approach to what you should and shouldn’t wear, I find that wearing breezy outfit (i.e dress, romper, jumpsuit) in darker shades is a nice transitional piece. This romper that I am wearing has sleeves which makes it a tad dressier. For a slightly-dressed down vibe, pair it with peep-toe booties. 

Learn new vegan recipes. I am all about soups during cooler months. Chili, thai curry, tan tan ramen, (see recipe), “creamy” mushrooms, minestrone, to name a few. Soups save the day for me. I can eat it everyday if I could. 

Resume your fitness routine. I know summer had been tough to keep up, fitness-wise (read how to beat summer slump). Trust me, I am on the same boat! But now that the weather is starting to cool down, it’s time to get those muscles working again! Do you want to hear some great news that happened recently? I got certified for hip hop fitness! I am looking to teach, a small class to start, I just needed to reorganize and fix my busy schedule. If you follow me on Instagram or by chance watched my recent vlog, I mentioned that I am also spearheading a plant-based lifestyle program for our medical patients. I know, there’s so much in my plate right now but your mama here is powered by plants. I have so much energy and knowledge to share so expect more helpful posts in the future!


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p.s totes are back too! I have a new vegan bag from Labante London, care to watch an unboxing and first impression video?

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15 thoughts on “4 Fabulous Ways To Welcome Fall

  • Great tips, Kath! I definitely think that it is imperative to wear a high SPF sunscreen all year long. It is the best preventative anti-aging advice ever I have ever received from a derm!

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, sunscreen is the most important skincare across all ages. Also, at least spf 30 is good enough. There is no enough clinical evidence that a higher spf will give extra protection. The important thing with sunscreen in which most people falter is reapplication especially when out longer, ideally every 2 hrs. Also, sunscreen in makeup is not enough, use a separate sunscreen then layer

  • Great tips! I’m really interested in getting my workout routine going because I need the energy and stamina to get through these holiday months!

  • Claudia Materdomini

    Bravo on getting certified!!! I can’t wait to hear if you start up some classes or anything!!

  • Bravo on getting certified! I can’t wait to hear more about that!

  • Jen Walker

    I always look forward to the return of cooler weather since my crockpot gets so much use for soups and stews this time of year! I don’t think I have any new sunspots from this summer (I’m diligent with that sunscreen!), but I have some older ones that refuse to budge. I was hoping to avoid laser, but I may just have to do it since nothing seems to want to help so far.

    • thefabzilla

      Save the money and go for laser. If ever you do, find a clinic or medspa that has PIQO4, it’s my laser of choice for my patients

  • I wasn’t able to see all the tips, but I definitely fell off my fitness plan for the summer. When it’s 115+ degrees, it just isn’t fun to do anything.

  • Ehmkay Nails

    Congrats on the certification! I’ve seen your videos and you are perfect to teach a class

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Our “Fall” is starting with record breaking highs! Ha!

  • Great tips! Our fall is hit an miss so far (one cool day, then four hot ones) but I’ve started adding more moisture in my skincare routine in preparation.

  • I thought that was a top when I saw it on your Facebook but it’s actually a super cute romper! I’m loving that bag, totally going to have to look into that one. Congrats on getting certified! Hip hop fitness sounds like something I’d love to do once I get in better shape!

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