Jumpsuits are my absolute favorites. Last count, I own ten and whenever I find a style that fits me well, I will buy the same color. Hence, you see repetition which I don’t really mind at all. To me it all boils down on (1) how you style it (2) if you feel good wearing it (3) and you look good wearing it. While jumpsuits are effortlessly stylish and overall comfortable, they aren’t the most convenient and practical to a lot of people. But I’ll cover your bases so scroll down for some surprising tips and tricks.


Choose a style that’s bathroom-friendly. Funny to read but it’s actually irritating when you you are in the verge of peeing and the button or zipper won’t cooperate. I’ve seen styles that are corset-type at the back or have very tiny buttons that you can’t undo unless you are a contortionist. I’m like, “girl good luck with that but this mama ain’t buying it”. Hence, opt for styles that are simple and uncomplicated such as straight up zipper (even better when it’s on the side) or anything you can pull down or up like garterized at the waist (read how to veganize your wardrobe).

Wear bandeau bra (or nipple stickers) if you are wearing spaghetti strap, sabrina style or tube. This tip is nothing revolutionary but visible bra straps take away the beauty and style of your jumpsuit.

Choose a style or cut that’s versatile and classic, not because it’s trendy. Stay away from frills and really loud designs or prints that scream “one season”. Think about how you can transition from summer to fall to spring to winter. Think about how you can glam it up for special occasions. Think about multiple ways you can wear it (i.e with blazer at work, with sandals or sneakers on weekends).

Layer and have fun. One of the nicest things about jumpsuit is that you can layer it how you want it, the way you want it. Hence, choose a jumpsuit that’s loose so you can wear something under that won’t add unsightly bulk.



























Bag from Angela Roi

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28 thoughts on “How To Shop & Wear Jumpsuits

  • What a super cute jumpsuit! I love it on you, Kath!

  • That jumpsuit is so cute on you.

  • That jumpsuit is adorable on you!

  • Love this post. I am a jumpsuit and romper girl because they are so comfy to me. Now that I’ve lost some weight I can actually use them again and be confident in them. I literally pulled out some of my old faves from storage and picked up a bunch more to wear. Perfect spring and summer go-tos.

  • Great looking jumpsuit. When I was young and thin I’d wear them often since it was a no brainer for me to pick out early in the morning. The problem was going to the bathroom in school especially when the room is down on the opposite side of the building.

    • thefabzilla

      I can relate with bathroom use that’s why style matters to me. Yes, it’s easy to wear and comfortable.

  • Loving your jump suit collection! They are so airy and breezy, this is perfect for hot arizona summers!

  • I’m really hard to fit in jumpsuits since I’m tall they are either too short or the crotch is too long.

    • thefabzilla

      I’m the opposite. I buy culottes so they hit just about right

  • I’m too nervous to wear a jumpsuit, even though I see others looking cute in them for some reason I feel silly!

  • Ehmkay nails

    I love jumpsuits on others (like you!) but not myself.

  • This looks cute on you! I don’t have the patience for jumpsuits or dresses. I am all about separates.

  • I keep looking at jumpsuits in the store but have yet to try one on for fear that I’ll look like I’m wearing a bag. These are some great tips for me to put into use and finally take the plunge.

  • My Nail Polish Obsession

    I’m not sure I am on board with the jumpsuit trend, I think with my height and the cropped length I would look funny.

  • Jumpsuits are so cute, but the idea of stripping down in a public restroom gives me the heeby jeebies. I do appreciate the tips on sticking with something with a more classic look rather than going too trendy and only good for one season!

  • I’ve never worn a jumpsuit but you make it look so amazing! I’ll definitely take your tips in mind!

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Love dotted outfits! You make this look so wearable!

  • I would love to wear jumpsuits but I’m always afraid of going to the bathroom and someone pushing open a stall while the top part is down. I didn’t even think about the buttons and zippers in the back!

  • Such a cute jumpsuit. I really love it especially The polkadots. Such a gorgeous summer outfit

  • Jess Scull

    That jumpsuit looks awesome on you!

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