You won’t believe this but in my last annual eye appointment, my vision has improved again. For reference, I have been wearing glasses and contacts since my early 20s to help with my myopia (nearsightedness) and slight astigmatism. So for two years in a row, coming from baseline -1.75 for both eyes to -1.5 both eyes in 2017 and then to -1.0 (left) and -1.25 (right) recently. Even my eye doctor was actually surprised with this improvement. I was squealing deep inside because I was doing nothing extraordinary except for this healthy lifestyle I lovingly advocate. Another feather in the cap perhaps, alongside other health issues I have reversed since embracing this lifestyle in 2007 (read my vegan journey). So let’s talk about my vision insurance. It can only cover either contacts or prescription glasses up to a specified amount. I chose contacts because those are more expensive and since my vision has been improving anyways, I decided that I will just buy cheapo glasses in anticipation of  new prescription again next year. Talk about practicality! Note, I wear contacts most of the time and opt for glasses in the interim or whenever I feel like it.
























One thing that prevented me from buying cheap prescription eyeglasses online in the past is the very limited style range. Or maybe, I wasn’t just browsing enough. But one fine evening, I found this website Eyebuy Direct which seems too good to be true because their eyeglasses are so affordable but I found some styles  (frames and colors) that spoke to me like a temptress *come and get me* kinda thing, haha! So I initially bought 2 pairs to try (photo above and red one, stay tuned next time) for only $80 including shipping with 5% cash rebate via Ebates (don’t you just love shopping online?). Note: you can go fancier (hence pricier) depending on the add-ons as you check out. So my order arrived in less than a week (coming from Texas to Hawai’i) intact and housed in a sturdy carton box and given that they have virtual try-on, I was still quite surprised that the fit was pretty good! Hmm, I can add two more pairs, said this new convert. Perfect timing, they were running BOGO 50% at the time of my purchase so that left me with only $56 to pay, say what again? Photo below shows another style from my reorder. I own 4 now, just because!


Since these are recent acquisitions, I can’t tell you yet if these glasses are made to last. But I am not out for longevity because of my changing vision situation. And in case one pair breaks, it’s replaceable. If it gets lost, it’s replaceable. If I accidentally sat on it, it’s replaceable. But for now, let me enjoy my newfound eye candies!






















If ever you decide on trying EyeBuy, here’s my referral code: IFFZ9IL6Y8 (copy paste upon checkout).

Pink tote bag from Angela Roi

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30 thoughts on “Where I Buy My Chic Prescription Eyeglasses

  • These look fabulous on you! I have recently made purchases from Firmoo and Zenni. I’ve been thrilled with my glasses from Firmoo, and I’m still awaiting my Zenni order. I am unable to wear contacts or qualify for laser surgery so I’m stuck in glasses. Might as well have fun!

  • Those glasses look great on you!

  • I need to do something like this! My insurance only pays for 1 and that is all I get. I feel so stuck with accessorizing.

  • Those glasses look really fantastic on you, Kath!

  • I love all of those on you! I’m in the market for new frames, so I’ll check it out!

  • These are all great frames that really add to your outfit! The pink ones are my fave!

  • I was myopic with -4.25 and -4.50, and underwent LASIK a few years ago. Now, I wish I’d managed to try some of these very cute frames, instead of the awful pairs I’d worn back then.

    • thefabzilla

      I know right? The styles before are hideous. How’s your vision now? Tell me LASIK really helped

  • The frames you chose all look so nice on you. I’ve worn corrective lenses since I was twelve. That’s a long time…

  • I love your new glasses. I recently purchased 2 new pairs of frames. It’s fun to have different ones for different moods.

  • Ehmkay nails

    I love Warby Parker’s but might give this site a try! Since I started teaching early, I’ve switched to mostly glasses!

  • I feel like the pink glasses are so perfect for spring to summer

  • I need some new glasses, I’ll check this out!

  • I love that you have found a more affordable option for glasses. I had to get new glasses a year ago when my vision changed, and now that I’m due for another exam, I already know my sight has changed more. I’ll definitely have to keep this company in mind!

  • I got my first pair of glasses at 13. I can’t see without them but I can’t comfortably wear contacts. I like variety in glasses so these seem like a great deal. It’s the pink that looks so pretty to me.

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Ok glasses just look super cute on you!

  • I love the pale pink pair, they look so fun! I wear glasses too, I have since middle school and I’m much more nearsighted than you (-4). Sometimes I can’t go for certain frame styles as they can’t accommodate the thicker lenses I need. I can get thinned lenses but it brings the cost up quite a bit.

  • Lacquerexpression

    These are super cute and good information to have since I’m afraid I’ll be needing glasses soon!

  • These are super cute, really loving the second pair! Totally going to check them out for some prescription sunglasses!

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