I have been been meaning to give my hair a fresh new look in time for spring but my hairstylist is currently vacationing outside the US (indefinite when she’s coming back) so I had to find a new salon that’s quite close to home. If you live in Oahu, it’s best to keep your activities near your ‘hood because traffic is horrendous especially going downtown. So after calling several places, I booked an appointment to what I believe is the only salon that use vegan and cruelty-free products; and the cool thing about it is that it’s a mere five-minute drive from home!




















The entrance of Hoa’la Salon and Spa (Aveda) conveys rustic and natural ambience. I didn’t have to wait long because my hairstylist was up and ready to meet moi two minutes into checking in. She’s new and young so I made her experience with me comfortable. So I just told he to work her magic without deviating from what I had in mind: darker brown because I don’t like blonde hair anymore. We had little chit-chat every now and then but I can tell that she wants to focus on my hair so that’s fine.

At the end of our four-hour session, I actually gave her suggestions on how to keep the hairline mess-free from the color or like how she can put towel as extra reinforcement so the client’s back won’t be soaking wet when the hair is being washed or how she can also put ear cap/cover so the ears won’t be stained. And I said those in the most motherly-loving way I can, the same way I train medical staff. But overall, she did a good job with the color and cut so she deserves a generous tip. Even the husband was impressed. Ready for the reveal?

How are you rocking your hair this Spring season?

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