How to style ripped denims
How to style ripped denims
Two Weekend Looks That Scream Casual And Glam

Weekends is when I do most of our errands so comfort is key to me. On that note, you will most likely bump into me wearing the most casual getup but still looking glam (by force of habit). I don’t wear tons of makeup, but I do want to amp up my easygoing vibe with carefully chosen accessories vis-a-vis unexpected pairings (check out my spring must-haves). Let’s start with what I call my-dog-ripped-my-jeans-slash I-still-mean-business look.

Funny because if my grandpa and grandma were still alive, they’d probably scold me for wearing these jeans. But hey, this pair is the epitome of comfort to me, including the tank top underneath a lightweight faux suede jacket. These sneakers are probably 3-4 years old; they might be accidentally vegan but don’t quote me on this because I can’t find this particular style anymore (I can’t find the image guide either). As you know, I have stopped buying leather goods as mentioned in my prior posts in 2017 (read how to veganize your wardrobe).

Two Weekend Looks That Scream Casual And Glam

Two Weekend Looks That Scream Casual And Glam





















The burgundy bag you see above is from Matt and Nat. I have a collection video featuring this vegan brand on my channel. I think my husband did a great job capturing the details of this outfit; he’s a creative guy but he needs to be in his “element” when he takes photos if you get what I mean, haha!

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The next look I usually wear on Sundays is what I call I-need-to-be-motivated-to-exercise outfit. And like I say in the past, cute workout clothes do really create a welcoming psychological conditioning. This is quite a recent pair I snagged from Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack app, my ultimate favorite way to shop online! I throw in a jacket to cover up my sports bra and opt for backpack or crossbody depending on my mood (watch cute workout clothes that won’t break the bank)

Cute and affordable workout clothes

Some of you asked about my gold stacked bracelets; eight of them were given to me by my dear mother-in-law many years ago. The round bracelet you see above is the very first gold bangle I own (I bought it in Thailand when I was in my early 20s so that makes this bracelet 20 years old or so). This vegan backpack is a recent acquisition, I will be doing a review on my channel sometime in the future. The biggest smile in the photo below had something to do with my sunnies getting intertwined with my windswept hair. Husband kept taking photos without waiting for me to pose, so candid moment it was.

cute and affordable workout clothes cute and affordable workout clothes





















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What about you, how do you dress for comfort?

I reviewed the satchel featured above on this video

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