Yes I do have personal fitness goals this year although I live a healthy and active lifestyle already. I am the type to always push and challenge myself, I fix even if nothing is broken. I got this “not-good-enough” discipline from my grandfather as well as from many years working in sales and marketing management including healthcare. It’s not to say that I am never contented because that is counter-intuitive but I’ll put it this way: if I were to rank all my wants in life, health would be at the very top and the rest are secondary. As a healthcare professional, I try to walk the talk and be an example to my patients (read my vegan journey).

With such a hectic work schedule, (8:30 am to 6:30 pm daily as Aesthetic RN Laser Specialist, on weekends I take photos and film videos for the blog, on week nights I continue with editing both on the blog and video, responding to blog emails, etc), one would ask how do I even find time to work out? My answer? I try my best to find time! At work, I do stretches whenever I can, on weekends, I spend 2 hrs doing my cardio hip hop, treadmill, etc. On Sundays, my husband and I go to the park with our furry baby to do some lapses (read fitness tips for women over 40).

Now if I were to identify my weakest body part, it would be my upper arms. Hence my personal fitness goal this year will focus on defining and toning my biceps and triceps. My husband who has enviable muscles will help me achieve this goal. I helped him turn vegan last year so it would be his time to coach me. Hopefully, he would do his job well (or is it the other way around, haha!). We have our own mini-gym set up in the patio (as photographed) so there is no excuse to miss my “class”. Aside from my husband-coach, I plan to implement the following to keep me in check:

(1) I started a Sweaty Sunday series on my Instagram Stories to encourage women over 40 to exercise and stay fit. I still don’t know if it’s better to do it live or just record and upload like what I have done last week. What do you guys think?

(2) I honestly hate these dumbbells so I am planning to buy kettlebell. My husband told me to use dumbbells while I am dancing to double the power. I did it last Sunday (as shared on IG stories) and I can tell you right now as I type that my arms and legs feel like they had intense workout.

(3) Some of you know that I really love dancing hiphop so while it isn’t a priority this year, I do want to be certified in hiphop fitness sometime in the future. You bet this little woman turns to a dancing beast when I exercise but I will share my plan to you in another time, if and when that happens.

Vegan Bodybuilding

Vegan Bodybuilding

So one of the most common questions I get asked as vegan (although I have already answered on prior posts and videos) is where do I get protein? Nature is abundant and nearly every plant known to mankind has protein in it. Spinach, broccoli, beans, legumes, mushrooms, kale, asparagus, avocado, potato, etc so if you eat a variety, your daily protein requirement is practically covered. Unless you are a body builder, I bet no one is really counting their protein anyway. Ironically, we live in a protein-centered world yet the same source a.k.a meat is one of the main culprits to cardiovascular problems. Do you have $1000+ month to set aside for this novelty drug for uncontrolled hyperlipidemia (chronically high cholesterol)? Medicare won’t cover it. Your commercial insurance will pay part of it granted you had a prior cardiac event: meaning, you survived a heart attack. That is if you survive. Then there is a long and winding process of prior authorization by your insurance. If you get denied, expect 3 months of waiting time if your prescribing doctor appeals. Within that time period, anything can happen and God knows you are at the mercy of your insurance. One time the pharmaceutical rep of this novelty drug asked me why I am vegan, I asked him back “are you willing to pay $1000+ for this medication you are promoting?” he answered no. So I said, you just answered your own question.

Vegan Bodybuilding

You see I am preparing myself for old age. I am 43 now, thankfully in tiptop shape health-wise. I don’t take any medications and I don’t intend to when I am older. I started this healthy route ten years ago because I wanted to look fabulous in my 40s. Now my goal is to retire without any chronic conditions because I want to be able to enjoy life, travel the world and reverse whatever faulty genes I inherited. I will not allow old age to slow me down. And that is the personal challenge I will try to conquer.

What about you, do you have fitness goals in general?

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47 thoughts on “My Personal Fitness Goals for 2018

  • I think it would be awesome if you were a certified hip hop dance trainer! Do what you love right?

    Like your husband suggested, weights are the way to go. Even holding 2-5lb dumbbells when you dance can really help tone your arms. I used to walk and push a stroller while wearing a weighted vest so my legs would get more of a workout.

    Love how you are always a work in progress — I think the same way — my problem is knowing when to give myself a break so I my muscles can recover and I can progress and not injure myself.

  • I look forward to hearing how the kettlebells are different from the dumbells, I love arm and core strength training when I am active!

    I also think it’s great to continue to try and improve yourself even when you have a good thing going. There’s always room for improvement!

    Are you referring to statins regarding cost? I was on a statin in my 20s, and it did not cost me that much money! Holy cow. I had a co-pay through my health insurance. I haven’t been on one in years so I guess a lot has changed! I am fortunate to not have to take any chronic medications and I want to keep it that way as well! 🙂

    • thefabzilla

      It’s not a statin oral but a biologic injectable drug evolocumab. This is a novelty drug that’s why they can command high price. This is usually reserved for patients with chronically high cholesterol w/o success with statins or other measures but the main criteria would have to be having a previous cardiac event: stroke or heart attack. The result is really dramatic. Yes to good health to everyone!

  • I am jealous that you don’t have to take medications! Thats my least favorite part of adulting.

    • thefabzilla

      Thankfully yes. I started early with the healthy route 10 years ago in my early 30s for the same reason. You can do it!

  • My goal is to lose weight. I’ve been using an app called MyPlate to help me track meals and I’m already down 2 lbs. I know that doesn’t sound like much but i’ve been plateaued for a long time.

  • I hope you don’t have to take medications when you get older but sometimes it can’t be avoided. You work so hard to keep yourself in such great shape but don’t forget that life happens when you least expect it.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes thank you. I’m fully aware of it, like what I tell my husband. We are going to take care of ourselves now and hopefully it pays off in the future, everything else would be outside our control and there should no guilt or what if moment if in case bad things happen. I’m blessed to have access to medical info and care

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Way to go for trying while having such a busy day/week! It really can make things hard!

  • Very admirable goals! Unfortunately chronic conditions happen through no fault of our own, and completely unrelated to a healthy lifestyle.

    • thefabzilla

      That is true. My husband and I are doing our best to prepare ourselves in our old age and prevent whatever chronic conditions that come with it, these are the most common types, outside of it is surely beyond one’s control and we will deal with it the best way we could. The good thing is, the body is able to heal itself when it can

  • My upper arms started to turn to jello after my second neck surgery, and my neck is going south with it. Send reinforcements!!! Right now I’m in a spot where it’s tough for me to be physical like I want and I really hate it. Also, I think you should get certified for hip hop and teach it on the weekends. Great workout!

    • thefabzilla

      I hope you heal fast my friend. Sorry what you’re going through right now. In time it will happen. Our body is able to heal when it can so take it one step at a time. OMG, you are giving me the feels on hiphop fitness! I really want to do it!

  • Great fitness goals. I need to get back in gear, I have a pinched nerve in my back, so I have to wait until my doc clears me.

  • I have dumbells at home as well as a bench and barbells, and I’ve gotta get myself back into using them. Strength training is so important for strong bones as we age. Gotta do it! I envy your attractive workout area. Mine is in my still unfinished basement, and though it has a couple of windows, it’s gloomy, and I have to force myself to go down there to workout. 🙁

    • thefabzilla

      Yes you’re completely right about strengthening our bones as we age! That will prevent osteoporosis. We moved these equipment to the patio and sacrificed that space coz these used to be in the garage, out of sight out of mind so I feel you about the gloominess of your location. Maybe hang something nice but the good thing having it in the basement is you can blast your music without disturbing the neighbors

  • You are SO well-organised, despite that hectic work schedule! I struggle because of overtime and unexpected stuff cropping up – I need to knock the 7kg I gained late last year, and improve my stamina, to get back to my pre-2016 levels.

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks Renu. Dealing with patients who have chronic conditions is enough of a reminder that I need to stay in tip-top shape. You’ll be able to lose that extra weight. I know you’re plant-based so that alone can accelerate, just throw in fitness in between, you’ll be fine!

  • I totally say buy a kettlebell. I have dumbells and rarely use them. I learned something new…had no idea you were into hiphop fitness. I’m looking forward to getting my body back. I looked at the pictures for my post and shook my head. Funny enough, as much weight as I’ve gained, I don’t take meds for high blood pressure or diabetes. I think that’s because I haven’t been overweight for an extended time and I’ve always been active…until last year. 🙂

    • thefabzilla

      It’s good you mentioned about weight. I was just talking to a girl friend that being skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. So yes, weight is not the sole determinant of chronic conditions although if left unmanaged, can potentially contribute. Yes, I’m convinced to buy kettlebell, I think it will give me more arm strength

  • My fitness goals for 2018 are to lose weight (I don’t want to choose a random number, I just want to go down and not up) and get stronger. I want to go to at least 2 fitness classes per week, and I’d like to be able to finish a 5K under 30 min. That’s already a lot of work for me, lol!
    As for not taking medication, I wish we had the power to control our bodies through a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes we have no choice. I envy people who can spend most of their lives not taking anything, but in my case I’ve been on medication since my late teens for something that I inherited from my dad. I changed insurance this year and my co-pay has tripled. So yeah I wish I didn’t have to take it!

    • thefabzilla

      Hi Lulle. I am confident you’ll lose weight with the goals you mentioned. When I first went plant-based 10 years ago, one of my reasons is to “reverse” whatever faulty genes I have in me, I was very sickly back then, and that’s when I started to get involved in eating plant based and integrated a rather active lifestyle. Just one year later, I lost the weight and one by one my health issues start to disappear. Our body can heal when it can. I personally know of people who eventually weaned from their medications because of disease reversal. It is not to say that a vegan diet is the one all, be all solution. It does take time but it’s all worth the try. It’s important to find a doctor that advocates a healthy lifestyle. There are hundreds of clinical studies that prove the power of plant nutrition to reverse and prevent chronic conditions. One of my favorite doctors to follow is Dr Greger, cardiovascular surgeon Dr Esselstyn, bariatric surgeon Dr Davis. They have done and participated in research. I wish you well, don’t take it as I’m forcing my beliefs, I just feel for you. Nobody really wants to depend on medications. Hugs!

  • I need to definitely start cutting carbs and getting back to the gym. I bought a bridesmaids dress that was a LITTLE too snug before the holidays and now well… you know.

  • Ehmkay nails

    My upper arms are also my training fitness goal. I really want to be strong!

  • I admire your dedication!

  • You are being very wise in the way that you are managing your health, Kath! These are great fitness goals to have, and you are definitely achieving your goals!

  • I would never have believed you’re over 40!
    The exercise I enjoy is running, but I’ve managed to let myself get pretty unfit. I’m determined to get it back again. I was waiting for warmer weather (hard to go for a run with a foot of snow on the ground) but I finally realised that was an excuse and started going to the gym to at least run on the treadmill.

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks so much! I agree, if there’s a will there’s a way. The hurdle with fitness is not the routine itself but the discipline to do it. I’m glad you’re getting back to it.

  • I need to set some goals for myself too and pretty soon. Your post is really motivating. Ty

  • I hold on to weights when I dance or if I’m walking (and can manage it), it’s probably the one thing I try to remember since I really need to work on my arms as well. I have gained so so much over the years and trying to tone while still losing my weight is a struggle, but I’m powering through it. Loved reading your goals and love watching you flourish, you inspire me to keep pushing. <3

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks sis! You can do it, I also admire your determination. More power

  • I’m so inspired by you! I need to get in gear for 2018 and your post just made me want to do that so much more. 🙂

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks so much! You have great fitness goals and I admire you too for planning it post-pregnancy!

  • Leslie

    No way you’re 43! You look fabulous! I’m totally inspired. Good luck! I love following your blog/vlog. My health/fitness goal this year is to drop extra weight and put more emphasis on clean eating.

    • thefabzilla

      Hi Leslie. Thanks so much, you made me smile with your sweet comment. Yes to clean eating. If you need extra reinforcement and cheer, I am here. Have a fabulous weekend❤️

  • You have some great goals! Upper body strength is something that’s difficult for most women, myself included. I have a powerlifting meet coming up in April. I’m going to try to use that to qualify for Worlds.

    • thefabzilla

      Wow, that’s awesome. I would like to hear more about your powerlifting. I didn’t know you’re into it, I hope you can write something about it on your blog!!!!

  • You look fabulous! I really need to get my butt into gear very soon. I need to work on toning my arms and tummy and losing inches around my waist.

  • It’s always great to push yourself! You’re an inspiration! 🙂

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