does vegan food make you happy

does vegan food make you happy

Yes, unequivocally there is the happy side of being vegan. We are not angry as most people assume. You see, my choices are mine alone. I live and talk by example and while I don’t expect to move mountains by this advocacy I embrace and support, my heart sings in utter joy whenever I see or know someone who’s trying to transition either to plant-based or vegan food. I have already shared how this diet helped me reverse my health issues or how this lifestyle has humbled and liberated me more than words can describe (read how to transition); but really, at the end of the day it is your choice. But let me tell you something interesting about plant nutrition that can possibly impact one’s mental and emotional state.

In medical terms, there’s what we call arachidonic acid that is present in our body. It is a polyunsaturated omega 6-fatty acid that is found in red meat, chicken and eggs. There is a clinical study that links elevated arachidonic acid to increased incidence of depressive and sad state and while there are more studies needed for this direct correlation, there is another study which links eating more fruits and vegetables to the production of serotonin (chemical in the brain that triggers our happy mood). Dr. Michael Greger has a more in-depth explanation so here is his article because he can tell you more about medical facts, being that he is the go-to resource for everything plant-based medicine.

But anecdotally, I can personally attest how going vegan (read my decade-old journey) changed the way I deal with life overall. At one point in my late 20s, my doctor wanted to put me on antidepressants because I manifested symptoms but I declined. I worked my way out and triumphed by turning to plant-based and active lifestyle. Even my friends who knew me from many many years ago tell me that there is an aura of calmness and positivity in me, like nothing seems to faze me anymore. I happily eat and look forward to every meal. Being hangry is non-existent. More than that, I feel energized and unknowingly project a happy disposition. Strangers seem to smile or smile back so I don’t really know if I have a pasted semi-smile (Monalisa-like) in my face. And to be honest, I didn’t even know that I have a “composed and calming voice” until some of my viewers on Youtube pointed that. I’m like really? this is not the same me I knew in my early 20s!

One thing is certain though. I know for a fact that I am happy because I am feeding my body healthy. The fact that I am preparing myself for old age and trying to defy the chronic diseases that may possibly go with it by eating healthy makes me happy. The little impact that I have started around me makes me happy. And the fact that I can express my compassion to animals by being vegan makes me happy. My point is, we all have different ways to make our voices heard. So not everyone is angry. I choose to be happy.


The happy side of veganism

The happy side of veganism


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27 thoughts on “The Happy Side Of Being Vegan

  • I’m so glad that your decision has led to good health and happiness for you! On a different note, I love your jumpsuit – the color is magnificent!

  • I didn’t know there was a medical side to the happy feeling! I just bought Dr Greger’s How Not To Die. I wonder if he talks about this in the book!

    • thefabzilla

      Yes there is! It’s a great book! He constantly uploads on YouTube and also on Nutrition facts website

  • I’m glad you’re happy with your choice.

  • It’s great to be happy with a big lifestyle change like this.

  • Myla manzo

    Fabzilla, aka BA, I love reading your blogs. This article alone made me smile. Your transformation is so inspirational and aspirational. Keep it up!

    • thefabzilla

      Thanks so much my one and only BA! Our friendship is one of the best things that happened to me! Mwah

  • Myla manzo

    If I can add add, I love your photos and poses. They look so pro and always improving every time. Love that lipstick color on you. The jumpsuit matched with the nude shoes is divine.

    • thefabzilla

      Donnie is learning how to take photos now haha. Thanks much! I love jumpsuits, they’re like my uniforms to work

  • Glad to know how much changing your lifestyle has helped you! And yes, I love your voice in videos. 🙂

  • This is so uplifting and inspiring! I am so glad that you have profoundly benefitted from being vegan!

  • I’m so glad you are happy <3

  • It feels great when you make the right choices for yourself.

  • It makes sense that good nutrition makes you feel good physically, which makes you feel good emotionally.

  • When we eat more Vegan style meals I feel better and feel better about myself and my choices. I’m trying to talk my husband into possibly ordering items from online retailers for us to go more vegan because we just don’t have the options near us, like I can’t even buy Go Veggie Cheese at my local store!

    • thefabzilla

      I order from Vitacost and also Amazon, just type in vegan for Amazon. Vitacost has a whole section of vegan

    • thefabzilla

      And I’m happy you’re considering more vegan. So glad to read this!

  • It looks like the vegan lifestyle suits you! You are glowing!

    • thefabzilla

      Thank you. I really credit everything to plant-based. More than a decade so it must be true 🌱

  • You are such a great inspiration!!! While I don’t think I could give up meat totally, I am certainly working to a more plant based diet.

    • thefabzilla

      Thank you. It’s a journey and since you’re going plant-based now, you’ll find it even easier to transition. My husband used to be a hardcore meat eater but finally went vegan last year. And in just 3 months after going vegan, his blood work was nearly perfect

  • Ehmkay nails

    So I’ve been limiting my dairy a lot and I agree, it’s already having an effect on me. I jut feel better!

    • thefabzilla

      I’m so happy to read this! I had a lot of GI issues even as a vegetarian before so I’m glad you’re experiencing the good side of going plant-based! Love yah

  • I really admire the commitment this takes and love that that it brings you such happiness! You look absolutely fabulous in these photos btw!

    • thefabzilla

      Many thanks! I give credit to my husband who takes my photos when he can

  • Cute jumpsuit! It’s great to read about happy people for a change, and that’s great! Stay proud of yourself and your choices. 🙂

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