Fitness Do's and Dont's

Fitness Do's and Dont's

Today I am sharing my personal take on fitness do’s and dont’s, mistakes I’ve had in the past alongside significant learnings. I am not a fitness expert but a lot of these tips are pretty basic but oftentimes neglected (read fitness tips for women over 40). I can’t emphasize enough the importance of healthy diet and active lifestyle to help prevent and reverse chronic conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus 2, among others. Of course there are factors you can’t control but at least you’ve done something to give yourself the best quality of life as possible. And I am here to tell you, even if you are stricken with debilitating disease right now, nourishing your body with whole food plant based diet and complimenting it with exercise (even at a slow pace) can help you gain your life back. There is hope my friend.

(1) Don’t procrastinate. The more you push your goal further, the farther you are in making the first move towards good health. If your goal is to lose weight, make every day counts. Start evaluating your own eating pattern and your current fitness level. Then make the first move today.

Do set goals. Goals should be SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bounded. Let’s use my personal fitness goal as an example.

S= define and tone my upper arms M=before/after circumference (or photos) A= I am only working one body area at a time R= very realistic T= by year-end 2018

Fitness Do's and Don'ts

(2) Don’t start without warming up to prevent injuries. I remember some years back that I had severe muscle cramps while dancing. I collapsed, was yelling for help and had to crawl helplessly, good thing my husband just got home and found me on the floor.

Do basic stretches to slowly build up your stamina and “wake up” your muscles.

(3) Don’t engage in a routine or exercise that you don’t enjoy. It kills your motivation and commitment. I remember in my mid-20s, in my attempt to lose weight, I enrolled in simultaneous classes only to drop out after because they weren’t my thing (boxing, aerobics, swimming).

Do something that you love, like, or beginning to like. It’s a process of elimination. Once you picked your choice, stick to that routine, master it and expand to other routines because monotony can also kill motivation and commitment. For example, while I do love to dance hiphop, I try my best to also use the treadmill (sometimes dance while on the treadmill), introduce yoga and more recently, kettlebell which I am slowly introducing to help me tone my upper arms.

Fitness Do's and Dont's

Fitness Do's and Dont's

(4) Don’t go crazy with protein bars and energy drinks thinking you will need these fancy food to boost your energy. These are often packed with sugars and empty calories. Remember 4 grams of sugar is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar. Read the label intelligently.

Do drink water. Plain water is your energy drink and if you need to snack on after a workout, fruits like bananas, watermelon, apples are high in nutritional value.

(5) Don’t overdo it. You are not competing with anyone but yourself.

Do allow your body to adjust and slowly build up by increasing your time or level of intensity.

(6) Don’t wear frumpy clothes while working out. Trust me, they affect your confidence and ability to give it all.

Do wear the right workout clothes. There are plenty of cute fitness clothes that are affordable and give ample support.

(7) Don’t exercise in a gloomy area if you are doing it at home.

Do turn on the lights, play some music to amp up the vibe. I alternate between airpods and bluetooth speaker, play hiphop music or Pitbull, all in the comfort of our patio. If I need to take up space, I go out in the yard and use it as my fitness area.

Fitness Must Haves

Fitness Do's and Dont's

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39 thoughts on “Fitness Do’s and Dont’s

  • This is such sage advice, Kath! You really are being so disciplined in your quest to achieve your fitness goals!

  • I’ve never specifically warmed up in 40 years of running. I hate it. Runner’s World reported on studies that showed no difference between those who warm up and those who don’t. Same with cool down exercises. Whatever works for each person. Heading out now!

  • Good advice! I swear by Muscle Milk protein shakes.

  • Great tips! I’ve got back to working out two weeks ago (and inexplicably GAINED half a kilo ever since then LOL), and have so much more energy through the day. On the downside, I keep straining my left hammy all the time.

    • thefabzilla

      Don’t focus on number. As long as you didn’t gain 10 lbs in a month lol! But seriously, when you weigh yourself, do it first thing in the morning before breakfast, that’s your true weight

  • Yvette

    Great tips! It’s funny you mention not to wear frumpy clothes, I was told to wear form fitting work out clothes in order to see the progress over time. You can’t see it if you have a huge tee shirt on.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, visually it’s easier to see improvements plus when it’s cute and fits good, you look at yourself differently

  • Love your fitness wear! Wearing that would be motivating to me!

  • Really great tips! i love that red shade you’re wearing too.

  • Norah

    Great advice. I tried different things but always go back to my weights with cardio.

  • Great advice, taking notes as I begin my new fitness journey.
    I always wear frumpy clothes to hide my body! lol, I’ll take your advice and start to get into some workout clothes.

  • Jen Walker

    This is such great advice! I’ve really enjoyed being able to work out again after healing, and I’ve had to force myself to take it slow since its been awhile.

  • Love your outfit! I couldn’t agree more with your #3. I tried forcing myself to do workouts that I didn’t like and nope, it doesn’t work. I need to have fun, otherwise I just won’t go back. If I’m having fun I can workout really hard without noticing it quite as much.

  • I really needed this. I really want to get in shape and as soon as I read #1 I was like “yup, that’s me”. It’s so easy to procrastinate and put it off. I’m always telling myself “I’ll start tomorrow” but I think this was my sign to really start today!

  • 25 Sweetpeas

    Music is key! It can literally make it the best workout ever or the worst!

  • Yes to doing things you enjoy! For me that’s biking, swimming, hiking, and yoga. I am thinking of purchasing a Peloton bike 🙂

  • These are all good tips, especially the ones about stretching and energy bars. I won’t say how I know that those specifically are great ones, I just do 😉

  • I had to chuckle a little bit at #6. I don’t generally wear cute clothes to the gym because the barbell knurling is pretty rough on fabric.

  • I definitely agree about doing something you enjoy. I tried to explain to my husband how I really enjoy Zumba – I lost 40 pounds back in 2011 by going to Zumba 3-4 times a week! Sadly that gym closed and the instructor moved on but I want to find another class to spark my love again. I don’t like running on a track or treadmill personally whereas my friend Tiff is the exact opposite! I also need to remember that I’m older now and things don’t move as much as I want them to.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes, even our wants change. When I was younger, I want thinner soft arms but now, I am working my biceps and triceps to look strong

  • Madhubani Chakraborty

    Amazing tips.. Thank you so much for the advice.. Love your outfit too.. You look amazing.

  • Love how committed you are and the outfit is so cute!

  • I am loving all these tips!!! I totally agree with the clothes thing, especially if you go to a gym. My gym had an entire wall of mirrors and on my less attractive days I would take notice and it will totally effect my mood.

    • thefabzilla

      Yes! Some people see it trivial but it does affect the way we think, feel and move

  • I have been following you fitness posts for some time now and I wish you all the best. I totally agree with all the things you mentioned, especially not overdoing it!

  • Wonderful advice! I am in love with those yoga pants BTW.

  • Lacquerexpression

    Great tips! Don’t procrastinate is my biggest one to overcome!

  • You should make a YouTube video of your fitness routine! Love this post.

  • I really need to get back into a fitness program. I have gained about 20 pounds over the last few years and am not feeling as energetic.

  • Cristina

    Your blog is so inspiring and im starting to love your articles. You’re such a good writer btw 😍. And you look hot too..i thought your just around 30 plus..anyhow. looking forward to read more of your articles. Keep it up!

    regards from Cristina Garcia, here in Oslo Norway.

    • thefabzilla

      Aloha Cristina! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Plants keep me young 🙂
      Keep in touch!

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