I am so thrilled to introduce to you Catherine from Atypical 60. We were both featured on the BuzzFeed (proof that makeup isn’t just for young people) quite recently, alongside 22 other fabulous women. Coincidental too because my name is Kathryne and she’s Catherine, and look! she has a very fun, outgoing and positive disposition too! She recently started her Youtube channel focusing on fashion, beauty and travel for women over 60. 

Catherine Atypical 60

What are your beauty staples?

My skincare staples:  Albolene–it’s what I use to take my makeup off at the end of the day.  It’s lard for the face and the makeup melts off! –Vivant Skincare’s Mandelic Acid 3-in-one Wash. This facial wash is gentle and you only need a bit but boy, is it fantastic!  I follow up with the Vivant Skincare Mandelic Acid toner.  But I also use quite a bit of skincare products and rotate. Orange Blossom Water and Witch Hazel are also favorite toners of mine and they don’t cost a fortune.

I use serums too and my favorite is SkinActives collagen serum.  I’ve been using it for almost two years and am on my third little bottle. I still use store-brand moisturizers too.  I think the key is to play around until you find what works.  

I have serious issues with companies that pontificate anti-aging. It’s a disgusting and offensive term. We age the moment we are born–it should be pro-aging.  

Makeup Staples:  bareMinerals Well-Rested is a Holy Grail for me. The second I start to hit bottom, I get into the car and drive to the mall to repurchase.  It’s the best way to get rid of that blue cast by your eyes.

I do the whole hog when it comes to makeup–but I don’t overdo it. I keep it neutral and natural.  

Primer, for me, is a must.  My skin isn’t perfect. And the older I get the less perfect my skin becomes. Primer gives my skin a smooth canvas.  I’ll also use Chapstick as a blur. Yeah. Chapstick makes a great blur product and it’s $.99! The secret is out!

I’m a foundation junkie and lately, my three favorite foundations are Fenty’s foundation (I wear shade 170), Wet nT Wild’s Photofocus (which is fabulous for a $5.99 foundation) and The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation, another inexpensive but fantastic foundation.  All three of these foundations blend into the skin so well–and older women should be seeking out foundations that blend and do not cake. Surprisingly, the one “powder” foundation that I LOVE is Laura Geller’s Balance n Brighten!  It is baked and so finely milled that it disappears into the face–it’s a great foundation for those days when you need that little something but are too lazy to do it all!

My eyes are hooded so these days I don’t do the winged liner I keep it simple with a classic eye.  I don’t overdo the brows, I just fill them in a bit.  I use a very thin brush and use either Anastasia Dip Brow in Ebony (I’ve had this stuff for years. I”m sure it’s expired but I still use it), or I use an e.l.f. pencil.   I stick to neutral shadows.  

Eyeliner and mascara are musts because I wear glasses.  I’m not too fussy with my liner.  As long as it’s black and is dark and stays put.  My two favorite liners are the liquid eyeliner by New York Color–I hoarded it when it was two bucks. I see the price has gone up to $2.99 and I’m getting nervous that it may be discontinued soon so I’ll have to hoard more.  It’s the greatest liquid liner.  I also LOVE Tarte’s LIghts, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner. 

Mascara–I used to love Maybelline’s the Falsies, but I think they changed the formulation because it isn’t as good as it used to be.  My latest mascara love is Essence Beauty’s Forbidden Volume mascara. It’s inexpensive and better than any high-end mascara I’ve ever used. In fact, I much prefer drug-store mascara to the higher end.

I like a cream blush and Stila makes the best cream blushes out there.  I also like the NARS multiple sticks to be used as blush.  

Contour–I’ve started to get into it but not every day.  The first contour I ever used was by Marc Jacobs. The filtering contour powder. It’s a great one for beginners but I really need a cream contour because of my dry skin.  The Fenty Match Stix in Amber has become my go-to contour.  I just picked up a second one last week to have as a backup.  It’s a creamy taupe that is excellent for fair skin. It blends into the skin like nobody’s business and you cannot tell at all that the product is there–it does the job to shadow the cheeks and give definition.  It’s amazing.

Lips.  I must have 100 lipsticks and glosses.  I can’t even tell you which is my favorite because I’ve worn them all.  And after whatever lippie I apply in the morning wears off, I don’t even bother reapplying. I just swipe either Chapstick or whatever lip balm is within my reach over my lips.  My lips are so stinking dry that I need a lip balm above everything else.  

Setting makeup.  I can’t use powder to set my makeup because my 62-year old face is way too dry. Any face powder to set makeup will look cakey. But I found that Mally Poreless Face Defender is just the product I need. I freaking adore this. It’s not a gel, not a balm. I don’t know what it is, but it works!  I pat the sponge that it comes with onto the product and pat on my face and this stuff keeps everything into place! It’s non-powder setting powder!  I also spray my face with fancy water during the day.

Any important beauty tips for younger women?  I have to say, after researching makeup for women and watching tons of youtube videos, younger women need to go for a more natural look.  Do not try to look like the makeup gurus on youtube. Do not try to look like the makeup photos on Instagram.  Go for what enhances your natural beauty.  Stop with over highlighting. Stop with the seven-inch brows.  Stop with the fillers in your lips.   Be yourself!!!

Any important beauty tips for older women?  Start wearing makeup. I’ve seen so many older women who have literally given up on wearing cosmetics and it’s a shame. Look at the beauty industry. Everything is geared toward perfection and youth.  And even though the movement for “older” women has begun, it’s the same thing.  The older women in advertisements are super-thin, they have great bone structure and none of them have colored hair.  We have a long way to go.  But, older women should start experimenting and playing with makeup. It doesn’t have to be high-end either. Play with the inexpensive stuff and go from there.  Just don’t overdo it.  Our skin isn’t what it was 20 or thirty years ago and we need to be realistic about it.  

I also have no issue with women getting fillers or plastic surgery (which I wish I could afford) as long as it looks natural and you are transparent about it. Being truthfully challenged about duck lips or an overly Botoxed face is so ridiculous.  Be honest.

And my biggest beauty tip for older women is to SMILE!  A smile makes you look years younger and it’s free!

If you were to launch your own collection, what would it be and why? If I had unlimited funds and wanted to start a cosmetics line, I would start a cosmetics line geared to older women only.  The line would be very hydrating. I would have oil-based foundations for the mature and dry face.  I would have truly moisturizing lip products.  Cream blushes and contours.  Every product would be hydrating and labeled PRO-AGING!

If I was a clothing designer and had a collection, my clothing line would be simple and non-fussy.  Knits with a built-in panel to suck the tummy in.  Fitted tees.  Flattering cuts for pants and jeans.  I can’t stand to see older women in ill-fitting and baggy clothing.  We have nothing to hide. We should be proud of our curves.  We should wear those short skirts and dresses.  We may need comfortable shoes but who says those shoes need to be clunky?  Let’s look like the ladies we are!


I seriously love her tips, personality and wealth of knowledge. I would buy her own collection and come to think of it, when you’re 40 and above, PRO-AGING is a more realistic label than anti-aging (I for one is against anti-aging term)! Cathe, better to trademark this now because you may have just given some opportunistic companies a great marketing jargon to use.

Beauty Over 40 series first appeared on this blog. xo

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Over 40 | This is the New 60

  • This was a great read! I am with Catherine – I don't usually reapply the lippie I use in the morning either!

  • Another fabulous feature, twinsy! I love this series so much!

  • So interesting to meet Catherine! I enjoyed hearing about her routine, and I will check out bareMinerals Well Rested when I go to Ulta this afternoon. Also good to know that she likes both the Fenty and The Ordinary Serum Foundation – I was interested in both but wasn't sure they'd work with my mature skin. Re: a cosmetics line for older women: I worked with Revlon on their line for baby boomers several years ago, and it failed. It always did well when we tested it in focus groups, but the vast majority of older women either don't wear makeup or are not interested enough in changing to something new, boo hoo. Revlon didn't make enough money on it, and after 2 years, they pulled the plug

    • I'm happy to have featured you ladies, you bring a wealth of information to us. As far as Revlon, if a product won't sell hundreds of millions, they will pull out because they are operating on a massive scale. They want to be the big fish in a big pond all the time. Some marketers though are starting to realize the value of niche demographics and would better be a big fish in a small pond. But don't get me wrong, we did the same FGDs before when I was still working with consumer/ over the counter pharma, FGD was promising then no demand from the market, hence a business decision needed to be made.

  • Catherine is a beautiful woman and I have to say she doesn't look 62 at all. Beauty is for all ages, not just for the young, and she's great at pointing that out. I think her advice is terrific.

  • Literally NO WAY she's in her 60's… omg. She's goals for real.

  • I loved reading her words of wisdom. Though I have to say, I don't like a natural look. I enjoy my bright colors.

  • Lots of wisdom for this pretty lady!

  • I think it's so good that Catherine is encouraging/advocating women to continue wearing makeup, I think so many people want to tell women to "act their age" from the time that they're younger to even now that they forget that there shouldn't really be limitations!

  • She is such a fabulous person! I love her attitude toward beauty.

  • Another great post in the series! I'm not at that age quite yet, but my dry skin appreciates the foundation recommendations!

  • Another great interview! She is my kinda girl in the lipstick department. I also want to check out that Well-Rested product, I haven't heard of that before.

  • OMG. While looking for archived photos from my blog, because I’m so lazy, I googled and came across this. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words toward me. I’m so ashamed and I’m going to be very apologetic that I didn’t see this before. I can’t thank you enough. Seriously. Now I really know that I’m always late to the party!! XOXOXO

    • thefabzilla

      I think I sent the link to you before. Have a fabulous day! much aloha and love!

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