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Once again, I can’t thank you enough, my wonderful readers and friends, for your support when I posted my decade-long vegetarian-vegan journey last week! It wasn’t just about food because I wholeheartedly shared with you bits and pieces of my private life and all the triumphs and failures that came with my ten-year journey. I think by you knowing my background will make it easy for both of us to embrace a new chapter that I have been contemplating on for a while, and that is to mix beauty with healthy living. I am all about growing old the best way I could and in optimal health the best way I could. I love beauty and healthy lifestyle so who says we can’t mix both? You know I love sharing things I enjoy, adore, love and support. On that note, some of you did mention that you are interested to see what I actually eat or cook on a regular basis. I have been posting a lot of recipes on my personal Facebook and started to incorporate sneak peek of my cooking on my Youtube channel (vlog-style) so if you’re interested to see me in action, I hope that you subscribe to my channel.


Yes, I will still be doing makeups, skincare update and aesthetic procedure type posts. I cannot abandon these. But expect more organic/ how-to contents because I find that these are more helpful to you as a reader and to me as writer because my creative thought process just flows like a river. Unperturbed.


But our lives don’t revolve around beauty alone. Because I also love staying in tiptop shape,  dressing up, exploring a well-rounded and compassionate vegan lifestyle, sharing life lessons, or bringing you around Hawai’i. So yes, this will be our safe sanctuary because moving forward, I would like us to focus on aging gracefully, looking fabulously, and living healthy. Welcome aboard!


Here’s my channel’s new trailer:


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