Makeup Hacks for Aging Skin

Today’s post is about makeup hacks for aging skin. If you are a woman of certain age, 40 and above (or mid-30s if you already exhibit premature signs of aging), you understand that the makeup techniques you are accustomed to when you were doing your makeup when you were a lot younger somehow no longer applies. Hence, our never-ending search for makeups intended for aging skin. But it just doesn’t end there because you need to understand the anatomical changes happening in your face: loss of elasticity and re-distribution of fat pad in your under-eyes down to your lower face, (hello gravity, ugh!) drooping eyelids, vertical lip lines, among others. Today I am sharing very simple makeup hacks to help make you look youthful, rejuvenated and most important of all, fabulous!

Moisturization is the backbone of looking youthful (read skincare for all ages). Regardless of your skin type, a well moisturized face prepares your skin for seamless makeup application. In fact, you can skip primer unless you have pores you are trying to minimize (aging accentuates those). If you have normal, oily or combination skin, opt for water-based moisturizer (how to know: if water/aqua is listed first in the list of ingredients, it is water-based). If you have dry skin, you may benefit more from beauty oils. Remember, a well-moisturized skin makes you glow from within.

Sometimes under eye concealer isn’t cutting it so you need to be creative. Stay away from matte or has thick coverage because it will emphasize crepey under-eyes. Take out your BB or CC cream and favorite moisturizer, squeeze 1:1 ratio, mix, then dab under the eyes using a beauty sponge.

Set your under-eye concealer or foundation lightly using a fan brush but skip if you have extremely dry skin. Why a fan brush? it picks up little powder enough to set your makeup but won’t make it look cakey.

Lift droopy eyelids through your eyebrows. Blame gravity again but as we age, the brow area depress which can contribute to appearance of droopy eyelids. While injecting few units of Botox in the outer tail of the eyebrow or injecting filler below the eyebrow can definitely rejuvenate your eye area, sometimes a simple makeup technique can help! Fill your eyebrow as you normally would but form a soft lift towards the outer one third (see photo below). And remember, fuller brows make you look youthful too so thin brows are totally out of the equation.

Makeup Hacks for Aging Skin

Go easy with highlighting. Not everything you see on Youtube and Instagram is applicable to you, especially if you have seen the technique from someone who is in her 20s. Anything you highlight will stand out so if you have obvious vertical lip lines (smoker’s line), highlighting the cupids bow will make it even more noticeable. Correct placement is key. To lift depressed brows, follow the technique I mentioned above and swish very very minimal highlighter towards the tail end of your eyebrow (not under the eyebrow if you have droopy eyelids).

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