Today’s post is on how to look tall if you are petite just like me. Really tiny at 5’1 especially standing next to my six-foot-tall husband. Well besides the huge height discrepancy, we connect in many ways, 98% of the time, with the other 2% accounting for minor arguments which make our relationship steadfast. However, today’s post is not about relationship advice (we’ll probably cover that in a separate post in the future, who knows) but rather, how to fake an illusion of height if you are petite, 5’4 and under to be more specific. Scroll down for my practical hacks if you’re not doing any of these yet.


Style Hacks For Petite Women

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Nude shoes for the win. Aside from the obvious (wearing heels), a nude pair of heels (even flats) instantly provide a longer silhouette because “you’re not cut” by the ankle as opposed to wearing other colors.

Style Hacks For Petite Women

Above the knee dress tricks the eyes. Next important tip that will compliment a nude pair of shoes is to wear dress which drops above the knee. The length should be anything that makes you comfortable enough to wear it, paying special attention of course to the event or where you’re wearing it to. Finding the dress which has the right length presents a never-ending challenge but I find tunic dress such as the one I’m wearing as the easiest shopping hack.

Style Hacks For Petite Women

Posture is important. Finally, it does sound cliche but posture speaks a thousand words. Learn to stand straight and avoid slouching even if you’re sitting. Not only standing straight “elongates” you but more than ever, it helps significantly with your confidence. It conveys an impression that you actually know what you are saying, that you are sincere and able to tackle whatever life obstacles you may encounter.

Style Hacks For Petite Women


Style Hacks For Petite Women


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