As some of you know, I appear on a local lifestyle TV show here in Hawaii featuring a variety of several aesthetic procedures/ treatments we have at our clinic (i.e laser skin resurfacing, laser body sculpting, neuromodulators, fillers, etc). When the director told me that black is a no-no on the tube (or at least the way he formatted the show), I had a bit of a panic moment scrambling for outfits because 99% of my clothes were black top-down. Long story short, I had to shop for few colorful items just to satisfy the requirements of the said show. Since then, I have been introducing few pieces that are totally out of my comfort zone, even florals mind you! But then again, I still gravitate towards black even in the thick of summer. Why not, it exudes class, mystery and power altogether. But black does not have to be boring because by introducing color to your accessories, you’ve just taken this mundane hue to a whole new level.

How To Introduce Red To Your Black Wardrobe, Henri Bendel Empire Tote

My number one favorite way is to accessorize with red; ultimate femme fatale whether you’re wearing jeans, cocktail dress or jumpsuit. Go red on red with purse and pair of pumps (or flats just like in the photo).  

When you go red on red on accessories, keep it neutral on the face. It’s a preference but personally, I want the accessories to be the center of attention, neither my lips nor blush. 

How To Introduce Red To Your Black Wardrobe

Now let me talk briefly about this red purse which has been a constant fixture on my Instagram post. It’s from Henri Bendel and it’s called empire tote. Technically, it’s a satchel to me because of the size although you can unbutton the top closure to expand it. It is structured and can hold your daily essentials. The bag itself is heavy if you carry it the way I do, by hand or arm so leave your house in your house, you know what I mean (I do carry a lot of stuff, random for the most part so those add to the weight). I love the smooth embossed leather and I think at $398 (wait, it’s currently on sale for $238.80), it’s a beautiful bag in the mid-priced designer category.

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6 thoughts on “How To Introduce Red To Your Black Wardrobe

  • I love a pop of red with black and what better way to do it than with that bag? I love what you've done with the place. It looks wonderful.

  • I really love wearing black too or dark Navy. My way to add color has been my purple Tieks but they need some heavy duty cleaning right now. I hate carrying a purse but I love looking at them. ❤️

  • I like to keep a lot of black staple items in my wardrobe since they can be worn year after year rather than replacing outfits all the time, and I pick up accessories in whatever colour or pattern is "in" to dress it up. It's so much more affordable to do it that way, so I don't blame you for sticking with black! Red always works so well with black too!

  • This speaks to me on a personal level. I don't buy a ton of black on purpose but I always tend to buy things in that range.

  • I'm all about a pop of color – shoes, purse or a piece of fun jewelry. <3 Great tips!

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