Okay Gen X, represent! We are the ones sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millenials. If you know Milli Vanilli, danced to Vanilla Ice, grew up owning Song Hits, listened to cassette tapes, played Tetris or Donkey Kong, sprayed your hair with Aqua Net then yes, I am talking to you! Age is slowly creeping up and regardless of the current situation or household setup you’re in, you understand that looking after your own health is more important now than ever! This brings me to my next point, don’t let age wither you soon, beauty or health-wise. Remember, age is just a number and for the most part, what you do now impacts your life down the line. Hence, I am all about staying active because it isn’t true that with age comes sedentary lifestyle. In this video, I shared very practical tips to stay motivated, please watch and hopefully you’ll find a tip or two to keep you motivated.

how to stay fit, exercise tips, generation x, what is generation x

I am also linking my blogger friend Norah who’s also looking fabulous for her age, you can check out her fitness post here!

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