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“Why didn’t I know this before? why only now? I should’ve done this way earlier! This actually saved me more money than waxing!” These are just some of the common responses or comments I get from my patients who got rid of their stubborn, unwanted and excess hair via intense pulse light drastically, if not permanently.


Drastically. If you have never done an aesthetic treatment like this before, know that it takes several sessions to achieve desired outcome. Typically, we start with 3-series protocol at our clinic but that would depend on the severity vis-a-vis thickness of the hair. 3 series translates to every 4 weeks for the next 3 months. Reason being, we are targeting the active growth phase of the hair since our hairs grow at a different rate. IPL or intense pulse light or laser, if done correctly under experienced hands is a life-changing experience. Both procedures target the pigment of the hair, the darker the hair, the better expected outcome. Repetitive exposure to laser or IPL eventually leads to total hair destruction in time. It is important to have this procedure done in a clinical setting where there is actually a DOCTOR on board so your medical history can be assessed. Why? hirsutism (excessive hair in women) is sometimes traced to hormonal problems such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Untreated or under-treated, laser or ipl cannot solve it completely. Thus, the need to see a doctor because it is a medical condition that needs to be managed first before anything else.

Curious as to how the procedure goes? here’s a snippet! If you missed my previous post, I started doing Youtube to show you things I love and covet (think makeup, fashion, travel, etc) plus inside peek at some of my in-demand aesthetic procedures. Some things are better shown than written, plus you get to see the real side of me outside blogging! Please subscribe to my channel and like the video, I appreciate your support as always!

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11 thoughts on “Why Wax or Shave Unwanted Hair If You Can Just Laser or IPL It?

  • I was just reading about hair removal via IPL the other day. I thought IPL was just for lightening dark spots. Very cool!

    • Yep, it can be done by just replacing the headpiece. The one mentioned is sometimes called photofacial, it can remove dark or sun spots, also vascular pigments such as broken capillaries, cherry angioma. You just need to replace the IPL. In our case, this machine has 3 interchangeable IPLs and one fractional non ablative laser

  • WOW, I had absolutely no idea that IPL worked for hair removal! This is amazing! Thanks, twinsy!

  • I IPL-ed off my body hair in 2015, so it's amazing not to worry about armpits and legs while choosing an outfit. I do notice some fuzz coming back on my legs – hope it stops at fuzz!

  • I've had laser hair removal on my face but I'm not sure if I could tolerate it on my armpits.

  • I love that you're showing parts of your work on YT! I just subbed, and cannot wait to watch. I've wanted to do laser hair removal for years, my hair is darkkkk so I know it would work well. One day, maybe I'll try it!

    • I'm thrilled you subbed! Still easing into vlogging. It's been fun so far coz staff is aware that I'm doing YT now so that gives me more elbow room to document what I do.

  • I'm dying to try laser hair removal treatments! Totally saving up for it!

  • I usually catch up on YT before bed so I will for sure be subbing and checking this out!

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