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I’d be completely blunt. The good side of beauty blogging is the opportunity to try every new product there is. But like I have mentioned in my previous post, I clearly indicated that I will significantly reduce the amount of press samples I present to you and get back to the grassroots. I guess you can say that I am at a level now that I do know what really works for me, given my personal experience vis-a-vis health/medical background. Ever since I have ventured into aesthetic medicine (lasers, ipls, radiofrequency, etc) or anything that has something to do with textural issues especially wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, among others, I became very picky and critical of the products I slap on my face. If you really want dramatic results, save your money and invest on aesthetic procedures because truth of the matter is, creams, moisturizers, serums are great only for maintenance and quite possibly prevention if you started early with skincare. But if you are dealing with moderate to severe wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, etc, you need to deal with it either invasive (surgery) or non-invasive (aesthetic medicine).

Why this long introduction? well due to the fact that I have always been curious to try new things (skincare most especially including the 7 or 10-step layering), my skin despite my proximity to all the aesthetic treatments we have at the clinic, flared up real bad after trying a skincare product (mentioned in the video). My husband even told me to stop putting new stuff and just stick with what works. Epiphany, yes. In fact, I don’t need all these layering at all. I de-stashed my skincare products last month and just retained my staples, a.k.a what my skin needs in between aesthetic treatments, they are (1) physical sunscreen, Vitamin C serum, moisturizer in the morning (2) moisturizer and for the meantime, an anti-acne at night till my skin clear up again. Back to basics.

Which then led me to revisit an old brand I was familiar with, Differin! Marketed by Galderma (makers of Cetaphil of which I had a pleasure to manage when I was still an aspiring brand manager many many many years ago when I was still residing in the Philippines). Back then, it was the #1 prescribed anti-acne medication by dermatologists so when I learned that it is now sold as OTC here in the US, I couldn’t be more happy. You have to see my skin in the video to believe it. The best $12 I spent on skincare. 

Want to know more about Differin? I explained everything in the video the best way I could, both on a personal and medical level so I hope you watch it!

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11 thoughts on “Skincare Update | Differin for Acne

  • I love that you have gone back to basics, and are using what is tried and true. I often feel like a lab rat with all of the product testing that I do, and I do get the occasional bad reactions from all of the products that I test. This sounds like a particularly effective acne treatment, thank you for the introduction!

  • I will remember this name to recommend when I'm asked about an effective acne treatment. Thank you!

  • My kids were all prescribed Differin at one time or another for managing acne. I'm glad it's more readily available now, just in case someone needs it again.

  • I love the idea of the different procedures but it's a matter of cost why I don't have them done. To be truly effective you often need follow up appointments. It's too bad insurance doesn't cover these items. My niece used Differin when experiencing especially bad acne and it helped a lot.

  • I don't think I've ever tried Differin, though Lord knows I've needed it at one time or another. My adult acne can really flare up… having kids busted my hormones, man lol

  • I've never tried Differin. I definitely appreciate that you're focusing on the products that really work for you!

  • Yes, to simple! Years ago my clear skin freaked out, I developed dry patches, redness, and it was all my doing. I was using way too many things. Now, I use a cleanser, vitamin c, an eye cream, and various night creams (I have a few I switch between). The Shortlist serum has also been added to my night routine. I do exfoliate every so often, but I hardly use any of the boatloads of masks, scrubs, etc that come my way via PR. It's all too much!

    • Good to know we are on the same boat. TBH, now that I'm doing aesthetic procedures, the only thing I tell patients which is the most important part of skincare is (1) religious use of sunscreen (2) moisturizer. Of course prescribed medications if you're treating certain issues that don't respond to OTC

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