You don’t really know what’s happening behind the scene unless the subject in question expose it. Well today I’m the subject and after more than a month of self-reckoning, I am ready to expose the reasons behind my decision to shift gears. No, I’m not going to stop blogging; Not yet. However, expect to see sizable changes as I trek this new road in hopes that you, my loyal readers, will come along for one hell of a fabulous ride!

1. Less PR samples, more organic content. When I started this blog many moons ago (six years to be exact), my  photos were awful and laughable but it was riddled with insightful organic content. My passion was running high and it was purely evident with my manner of writing: raw as I put it bluntly. As with any aspiring blogger, my goal was to get noticed by PR companies so I can get samples that I can write about and let’s be honest here, because free is good! Fast forward today, while I am in no way a huge blogger who made blogging as primary source of income, I enjoy the little money I derive from ads and affiliate which help pay for minor stuff such as groceries and sometimes entertainment. This brings me to the following predicaments:

I want to be in control of my own deadline. Skincare reviews take a while especially if the company has behemoth claims I needed to research on and/or evaluate both from a consumer and medical standpoint. I don’t find it fair to my readers to say that I like this “abc” product when I have only used it for two weeks. But because of so much products that ended on my desk in recent times, I admit to have fallen into a robotic, canned-type assessment “I have not used this long enough to support its so-so benefit but overall I like it because of its so-so effect”. I am very sorry my dear readers, I feel like I have failed myself miserably and you, more importantly. Makeups on the other hand are pretty much straight to the point. I wear them to work, test the longevity, check the ingredients and see if there are certain sensitivities you and I need to be aware of. With that said, I believe I can write better as well as harness my creative process without the feeling of being rushed.

I am not a bargain, bottom feeder blogger. I’m sorry if I ruffled some feathers here but I take pride with the amount of work I devote for this blog despite being a side gig for me. I have a full-time day job and I willingly sacrifice my weekends and most nights to write posts and take decent photos. So when a company lowball my worth by insisting on free exposure or demanding a quick post for a $5-worth product or worse, a tiny sachet of sample, I can’t help but raise my brow with utter disbelief. I hate to sound like a diva because I know where I stand, number-wise. But if I were to make blogging full-time job, do you think free exposure will put meals on the table? Do you think $5 per hour will suffice (which never happens because writing alone takes time)? I’m sure these PR reps don’t work for free either.

Paid posts generally call for positive-only reviews. I see no problem here if I really like the product or I’d pay it myself when the free stuff runs dry but if a company is shelving words into my mouth or requiring me to submit my write-up for approval before publishing, then that’s another story! Integrity won’t pay the bill but I cannot compromise it either.

2. Diversification breaks the monotony of it all. The beauty community is becoming more and more monotonous in my opinion. Whenever I watch Youtube beauty videos or scroll through my social media feed (Instagram especially), I see similar looking women rocking similar looking brows pouting similar looking lips displaying similar looking cleavage and posing similar looking contoured and highlighted face. Perfect mannequins painting perfect lives. This made me rethink my existence in the blogging arena. You see I started this blog when I was in my mid 30s, I am 42 now so obviously my needs have changed and like most of you, I have other interests outside beauty so expect to see bits and bobs of lifestyle related posts which I am sure any middle-aged woman like myself would enjoy and appreciate.

3. Inside scoop on aesthetic procedures. I think some of you know that I work as Aesthetic Registered Nurse (laser, body contouring, radiofrequency, etc.). Most women our age (and above) are searching online hoping to find credible source of information, someone they can possibly relate to. I feel you because I would do the same if I were to drop thousands of dollars to make me look good! While my opinion should no way replace your doctor’s, it’s always nice to hear from someone who does it professionally. Plus I voluntarily subject myself to certain procedures so I can explain it better to patients and level their expectations as deemed necessary.

4. New blog layout, it’s so crispy-clean! If you go to the home page, it has a clean magazine-slash-very-lifestyle look to it because I want you to feel relaxed as you navigate this blog. I even got rid of side bar ads because I want you to focus on the content. There are sub-categories to help you find topics way easier but most important of all, it is clutter-free finally!

So you heard it straight from the unicorn’s mouth. Mahalo for sticking with me from day one! ‘Til our next post!

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32 thoughts on “Shifting Gears

  • I LOVE your layout and since I've known you your blog has really transformed. I can't wait to see your content for 2017!

  • What you say is completely true! Love your new layout. Definitely glad you're following your passion. Hope you'll continue to do your fashion posts/videos when you have time as part of your varied content. I didn't know you when you first started blogging, but I find your photos inspirational and among the best out there. And I love your voice.

    • Thanks so much Allison. I don't want to abandon blogging just because the industry has evolved into something else, fantasy-driven as I'd like to call it. I'm glad to have known you because you're one of those that also write passionately

  • Your blog is beautiful and so are you! I'm looking forward to hearing about the procedures and products that you use in your practice. I'm over 50 and need some and always research online when I hear about something that might help my skin or body.

    • You're so sweet Stacie!!! Stop it, you're not even a day older so whatever you're doing is working perfectly fine!!! But yes, I'll be happy to share the procedures here on the blog

  • This is incredibly refreshing, Kath! I couldn't agree more about the way that beauty blogging is transforming, and I find it very sad! I think about the things that you have mentioned above a great deal! I love the new look of your blog, and cannot wait to see what you feature this year! I am very excited for you!

  • Loving this and secretly jelly you work on aesthetics, that is something I'd always longed to do, if I wasn't a MUA.

  • I hear ya! Looking forward to the future.

  • Congratulations on your refocus, Kath, and you will do great. You have great content and beautiful pictures.

  • I've been blogging about the same amount of time as you and feel like I need to change some things too. I LOVE the new layout and look forward to what comes next!

  • Love the new site! Looking forward to seeing how it continues to evolve with you. 😀

  • Good for you! I always love reading your blog posts anyway but I understand that you want to make it more personal and right about the things that you truly care about. I also get how annoyed you feel about friends saying that they're going to give you exposure or five dollars for a post. I don't even respond to those people anymore because if they don't value my time and I don't want to work with them. I'm really looking for to seeing what you have coming up in the future.

  • I have always been a fan of reading your blog can't wait to see how it evolves. I'm really excited that you want to write if you were reviews and more informative post. I totally get how frustrated you must be In regards to PR samples. I stopped responding to a lot of offers because if someone can value my time and I don't want to work with them.

  • I've always loved your blog and I'm sure I will continue to! Good for you for sticking to your guns and pushing to continue making your content real and relatable.

  • Being more authentically yourself will bring you so much more satisfaction.

  • Looking forward to it, I really want to hear about the aesthetic procedures!

  • Your site looks beautiful and it fits your new shift. I love reading about aesthetic procedures so it will be more to look forward to. And I'm sure you're never going to give up your love of lipstick so we'll see that too.

  • I agree with every single thing you said! I'll still be reading you!

  • Love the new layout! I definitely want to see more of your inside scoops!

  • I'm excited for what's to come– I've always loved your lifestyle pieces as well so a little mix of everything is exciting!

  • Congrats on the refocus! The new layout is very clean and pleasing to the eye.

  • I am so excited for your new content! Your layout looks great too!

  • Your new layout looks fantastic.

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