No it’s not a new subscription box on the block but rather my own handpicked favorites for this month. They are either recent discoveries that I totally love or hardcore mainstays that were not formally reviewed in the past. I am going to be doing this on a monthly basis and since I am in the process of diversification, expect more variety as we go along. Ready for my curated must-haves?

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I am introducing more and more green/organic/natural products to my routine so if you’re sailing the same boat, the following are worth checking out. Let’s talk deodorant because what good is a pretty face if you’re reeking of body odor right? Devoid of aluminum, paraben and alcohol, Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant helps keep your pits smelling fresh (or at least mine). It contains alum stone, potassium alum in particular which is a natural deodorant. It does not inhibit sweating per se but it does help control odor-causing bacteria. I still sweat but nothing out of hand. Needless to say, if you sweat profusely despite over-the-counter measures, it’s time to consult your doctor. On a side note, do you know that Botox can help with hyperhidrosis a.k.a excessive sweating? Now going back to this deodorant, it’s a roll-on type which feels cool as the product is dispensed. The essential oils (blood orange, lemon, rosemary, and mandarin) help curb body odor and render a clean citrusy smell that don’t compete with my perfume or cologne. Small but terrible in a positive way is how I will succinctly describe Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil. Late last year, I briefly mentioned that I was already scheduled to have my doctor excise what seemed to be a lentil-sized whitehead in between my breast. Kinda gross and TMI I know! This tiny bottle which had been sitting on my desk for quite a while made me defer my appointment, you know just out of curiosity. And while I would strongly advice that you get seen by your doctor for suspicious lesions or growth immediately, know that I am more familiar with these kinds of dermatological problems by virtue of my profession, hence my decision to play it by ear first. So long story short, I applied small drop twice a day over it. Lo! After three days or so, it started to dry up and as of this writing, hardly any marks at all! When used topically, sea berry (also known as sea buckthorn) can help heal wounds, cuts, burns, dryness, inflammation and redness. I have also used it on occasional zits and have had great results. Caveat, if you have notorious/ severe kind of acne or skin problems or if all else fails, I highly encourage you to seek medical advice.

I love the vintage feel of Besame Cosmetics, especially the old Hollywood look of their products. While I don’t need another makeup brush in my life, I can’t help but fall prey in such enticing appeal of this brush called Boudoir Short Hair Contour Brush. The short handle allows more precise buffing and the ultra-soft and densely packed synthetic bristles help blend my foundation like a boss. I use it after beauty blender or once my foundation has set in. I plan on buying the other version which is good for dusting off excess product or powder and who knows, it might land on my curated list as well.

I have also been branching out to indie makeup brands and I am happy to have discovered these liquid lipsticks that rival my mainstream faves Anastasia Beverly Hills and Smashbox Always on Matte. Sugarpill liquid lip color is the very first one I have tried from this brand and it won’t be the last. Last holiday season, I ordered Trinket online after seeing it posted on Instagram by Jennifer from My Beauty Bunny. Nude with a twist baby! It’s a stunning rosy mauve with gold sparkles and has a delectable candy scent. It stays on unless you intentionally wipe it off or chow down greasy food. It’s not waterproof because the pigment is washed off pretty easily but the luminous sparkles tend to stick to your lips, at least based from my experience. Because it sells fast, Sugarpill limits purchasing 4 quantities per customer. Renu from Cosmetopia Digest enabled me to try Huda Beauty liquid matte after reading her blog. I picked up Trendsetter, a warm brown nude which is good for everyday wear. If liquid lipstick turn you off in general due to its drying effect (i.e Kat Von D and MAC), Huda (a popular beauty influencer) will make you think otherwise because this liquid lipstick is comfortable on the lips. The powerhouse pigment is another great quality so I am inclined to adding few more shades in the near future. Wear time is also relative, it stays on with occasional water or coffee sips but partially gone after a hearty meal. Well if you’re a lipstick junkie, that’s kind of expected already unless the claim borders on tattoo-like adherence.

I was rushing this morning (what else is new?) but I thought of taking few shots of my lips up-close so you can appreciate the color and texture of these liquid lipsticks better. These are all unfiltered as you can tell from my pores, haha! On a side note, laser skin rejuvenation plus meticulous skincare did help improve my skin’s overall appearance. I won’t dare getting this close to the camera before! And truth of the matter is, sometimes you just head out the door even when your lipstick is haphazardly applied. Real women, real talk!

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