Never say never. But see, I have pretty much made up my mind that there are certain things that I am willing to forego despite the raging impulse, numerous raves and overrated beauty trends diluting our society. I know it sounds like a complete antithesis from a blogger obsessed with all things beauty. But it’s my opinion, my life. If you find absolute delight and satisfaction from the following procedures or routines, you do you. Today’s post is about me, not about you, oki?

overrated beauty trends

1. Eyelash extension. Back in October, this late bloomer discovered the instant gratification of lash extension. You know, waking up feeling oh-so-glamorous with long and voluminous lashes vis-a-vis significantly reducing my makeup routine because the lashes speak for themselves. But the fascination was rather short-lived because I decided not to continue after two months of going to the lash bar near me. Reason being,

  • I’m not going to shell out $130 every 3 weeks to sustain this new vanity (add $20 for tip)
  • I don’t have extra time to come for retouch every two weeks (starts at $40). I work 10 hours a day and my weekend is sacred. Each session runs 1.5 hrs at the most
  • Most important of all, my natural lashes did fell (as to be expected) but mine did at a faster rate, leaving me with short ones that don’t even curl! So while they are in the process of re-growing, here I am adjusting my morning wake up time so I can strategically place faux lashes with precision. Trivial to some but not to me! On my default photo above: Ardell Studio Effects Demi Wispies

2. Microblading. This is one beauty procedure that’s all the rage recently. I have seen magnificent brows on Instagram and other social media enough to convince me to try it. But I held back and decided not to pursue because

  • My brows are pretty much low maintenance, they’re still kind of full for my age (hello 42) except for a millimeter or two of sparseness on the left side which can be filled in with few strokes of brow product
  • With that said, it takes me one minute at the most to fix my brows in the morning and that includes plucking of stray hairs every now and then. One minute if both brows aren’t playing tricks with me, haha!
  • neuBrow works! I am astounded to see some hairs starting to appear on the sparse area I mentioned above. I was hesitant to use this at first because I don’t find any groundbreaking component in the list of ingredients except for keratin which is used by some companies to either repair hair, fight frizz and the like. I will do a full review once I have achieved the fullness I am going for, stay tuned for that!
  • As health care professional (RN), I am very wary of procedures which require strict aseptic technique and sterile environment. Since microblading involves sharps, there’s always the risk of exposure to bloodborne diseases such as Hep B and C including HIV if the person doing it isn’t very careful and particular with asepsis

3. Highlight, bake and contour all the things. Since when did highlight, bake and contour become part of daily makeup? Going to church, going to gym, going to Walmart… guys, can we give this overrated technique a break and once, and just once, apply makeup the way it used to be? I am not Kim Kardashian with a battalion of makeup artists and while I love a glam look, I am not going to highlight, bake and contour every part of my face every single day just because I saw it on Youtube and Instagram. I’m talking about going the extreme like contouring even the side of the nose then highlighting the bridge and tip including cupid’s bow. Real talk: just because it looks good on someone doesn’t mean it will look good on me. 

Yeah, it’s a short list  because I’m keeping my mind open for the rest. Never say never. On a side note, I am back to blogging but we’re shifting gear ladies, more on that later!

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14 thoughts on “Certain Things I Won’t Be Doing Anymore (Or Won’t Do) In The Name of Beauty #realbeautytalk

  • Wow! I had no idea that getting eyelash extensions costs that much in Hawaii. I would never spend that much on it. And when it comes to highlighting and contouring, then I'm just bit too lazy for doing it every day 😀

    • Everything in Hawaii is expensive. I know some price their lash extensions at $100 but more than the price, I didn't like how my real lashes turned out after.

  • I have dry eye so I can't do lash extensions. I love the look but then I wouldn't pay that kind of money for them anyway. Curious to see what your next blog iteration will be.

  • The only thing I can think of that I'll never do on my blog is hawk a weight-loss product. But, I have no intention of doing eyelash extensions or microblading my eyebrows, either, because I'm pretty happy with what I've still got (hello, 45 next month! Lol) Great post!

  • I'd love to have Microblading but it's not going to happen. I don't have the money and I'm scared of the pain. My blog partner did lash extensions and lost her lashes too so that's another don't. And I'm a mess when it comes to all the contouring though I like highlighting.

  • My microblading procedure did not involve needles. It involved a grooved blade. I love it. I'm taking a break from lash extensions after doing them for a year! Using lash growth serum. I love hearing your take on things.

  • I love this post! I hate that beauty trends often get so popular to where people think they need or have to follow them. Do you. I've wanted to try lash extensions for years, but the cost has always stopped me.

  • I've been considering lasjmh extensions and microwblading but I have hesitated because of those price tags!

  • This is a fantastic post! Lash extensions are way too much trouble and time for me. I work a ridiculous amount of time each day, and don't have that kind of time!

    • Same here twinsy but more than that, I didn't like that my real lashes fell out at a faster rate. Now I envy my furry baby dog for having fuller lashes than me hahaha!!!!

  • I've never done anything semi permanent to my face before and I don't intend to start. I'm quite young so nothing truly needs fixing, to be completely honest. I find makeup to be fun and a boost of confidence. Skincare is something that I feel really bad if I neglect it but a full face of makeup everyday is something I can let go of!

  • Wow, Kathy, I do use those single lashes and they work out just the same as far as looks go, and yes I wear the banded ones like you I apply them with precision as well. I hear you when it comes toward the extentions, microblading,tattooing as other plastic procedures. Sometimes its just best to work on our bodies and figures as well as faces and what we have been given by God naturally through color cosmetics instead of invasive procedures….but then again what would people who claim the "Fame" to jobs do right? Any who, I'm glad you are taking a stance in what you believe in and good or you. Look forward to reading more of whats on your mind my friend.
    Aloha , From Hilo,Hawai"i

    • Thanks much Carolyn. I agree with you. At the end of the day, whatever makes one happy and beautiful so be it. I just personally think that contouring on a daily basis is too much for me 🙂

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