Hello ladies, quick update! The Youtube bug bit me hard so I decided to resuscitate my channel which was dead silent for years. So what made me give it another shot in life then? well it’s pretty straightforward: we, ladies in the big four-o club, are a minority in the online world which is largely dominated by millennials who possess a uniformed look of “perfection”. I mean, just look at Instagram and you understand my point. Don’t get me wrong, I did strive for “perfection” and sense of belongingness when I was in that age group. We need variety, this world is too vast to explore.

They say 40 is the new 30. That is, if you look the part! With kids all grown up, perhaps with a more stable career, whether you’re attached or detached, the world is yours to keep and seize, unapologetically! While I am in no way a beauty expert, I believe that my lifelong passion in all things beauty, including my quest to slow down the dreaded clock, plus a profession in aesthetic medicine (Aesthetic RN), it is my goal to help you look your best, embrace imperfections (vertically-challenged and crooked teeth here!) while bringing forth your best assets. Yes, you and I will age gracefully but look fabulously all the way to our 90s. Because why not.

How Not To Look Old With Makeup, makeup for 40 years old

In this video, I shared some makeup tips that won’t make you look old, read: emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. I think one of the most common mistakes women of certain do as far as makeup is concerned is to wear makeup the way they do it back in the day (70s, 80s, 90s): thick makeup, metallic eyeshadows, frosty lips (not to mention full-on hairspray on bangs!!!!). I know, makeup is supposed to be fun and you can do whatever you want; but in all honesty, you’d be surprised how updating your makeup game can give you a much desired “facelift”!

To recap, here are simple tips you can follow:

1. Always moisturize prior to applying makeup. Depending on your skincare need, use a Vitamin- C based serum or moisturizer to brighten the face or hyaluronic acid to firm.

2. Use eye moisturizer because it helps with dryness as well as allowing the concealer to sit better on the skin.

3. Skip heavy foundation and opt for something lightweight such as BB or CC cream. If you have dry skin or deep wrinkles, do not set with powder. Dewy skin equates to youthful.

4. Conceal under eyes but don’t go overboard. Blend with damp beauty blender and set very lightly with illuminating powder, if need be.

5. The quickest face lift is not under the knife: fix your brows! Skinny, sparse, un-groomed brows date you. Follow the natural shape of your brows and fill in the sparse areas. 

6. Skip metallic eye shadows and opt for something neutral. Shimmers are okay as long as you don’t overdo it. Blend, blend, blend. And blend some more.

7. If you have saggy eye bags or really wrinkly under eyes, stay away from black eyeliner because it only draws attention to it. Use brown or gray if you need to line your waterline for a more subtle effect.

8. Skip contouring but don’t ignore the power of highlighting. When done right, it lifts the high points of your face, making you look younger! The key is to keep everything in moderation, you don’t want to be an old woman walking like a glitter ball.

9. As for lipstick, experiment with shades: gloss, liquid, matte, berry, neutral. Just stay away from frosty because it dates you.

How Not To Look Old With Makeup, makeup for 40 years old

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13 thoughts on “How Not To Look Old With Makeup

  • I loved your video! GREAT tips, Kathryne!! Must know what color/brand of lipstick that you wore in this video. Looks like a terrific neutral for me.

    More videos, please!!

    • Thank you. My bad, I wrote all products in the YT description box but not here, 8 am going to update this post later. The lipstick is Tom Ford Lip Color Negligee. I plan to make more videos dedicated to ladies "of certain age", 🙂

  • I love your makeup look! You're inspiring me to restart my dead-for-two-years-after-six-videos channel. But then there are so many pretty young teens out there YouTubing, and am sure the world can do without my funereally boring ramblings.

  • Renu, we need variety so pls do so. At some point, there will be women who look for authentic content offered by ladies our age. Id be interested to see your skincare journey.

  • Your makeup looks absolutely stunning!

  • I've given up using powder 95% of the time since I think that it makes me look older. I'm also using more subtle makeup. Great look.

  • You look fab!

  • I love that you're taking over Youtube (well, eventually you'll take over :D)We definitely need more variety in the beauty world.

  • Great tips! You are a natural on Youtube!

  • New follower here. So glad I found your blog! Love it! I completely agree that YouTube needs more beauty bloggers representing our age group (well, okay, I'm not in my 40's yet but I'm 38 so close enough!) and I think you'll do that beautifully. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks so much! I'm glad you share the same views. We need variety in age, ethnicity, standards of beauty. I am inspired to do more videos targeting women of "certain age" 😍

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