Cruelty-free, FDA-compliant, dermatologically-tested and paraben-free, who doesn’t love a good skincare brand? and oh! Made with world-famous Kona coffee beans (organically grown in the Big Island, Hawai’i), girl you know I’m hooked! Yes, I’m talking about another hit in my beauty book, ladies and gents, say aloha to Kaffe!

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From the pristine blue box which mimics the ocean to the meticulous concoction of ingredients, I have but great things to say about this brand. But first, coffee! Suffering from headaches? you’d be surprised that coffee is a quick fix because it constricts blood vessels thereby reducing the pain. And while it remains up for debate, it has been clinically found that coffee can reduce the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Guilty as charged, I went back to drinking coffee after a year of hiatus. I don’t drink and smoke, ‘girl gotta enjoy her freshly-brewed coffee!

Going back to Kaffe, I have tried three of their bestsellers, here they are in the order of usage:

kaffe facial coffee scrub, benefits coffee on skin

Beautifully nestled in a sturdy box, the Facial Coffee Scrub ($69, 50ml/ 1.7 fl oz) comes with a spatula so you can dig in the product hygienically. The box itself is ready for gift-giving, just put a bow and it’s good to go. Twist open the jar and you will be greeted with a delectable coffee scent, it’s so good I can drink it, haha! While it is marketed as an exfoliator, I like to use it as a mask as well. Coffee, as you know, “awakens” dull skin so what I do is to gently rub the ground beans onto my face for about a minute or two then leave it on for 15 minutes. More like this one…

kaffe facial coffee scrub, benefits coffee on skin

Now let’s hop in the shower and exfoliate our bodies with Rejuvenating Coffee and Salt Scrub ($34, 250g). Gritty yet moisturizing, this body scrub is 95% salt with bits and pieces of ground coffee. The proof is in the “tasting”, I was so curious I licked the particle, I go to the extreme you guys! I use this twice a week to accelerate the sloughing of dead skin cells.

kaffe rejuvenating coffee and salt scrub review

With face and body ultra-clean, it’s time for real skincare! As mentioned and featured many times on the blog, Vitamin C is one of my favorite active ingredient because it does brighten the skin that’s why I always incorporate it in my daily regimen. Hence, the Vitamin C Concentrated Serum ($79, 40ml/ 1.3 fl oz) is a great addition to my “mini-apothecary”.  It smells like coffee with a burst of citrus, such an ingenious combo! Look, coffee in the coffin (I have wild imagination I tell ya!). But really, I give Kaffe big props for taking into consideration the packaging. I don’t rave so much about the outside aspect of a product but given their mid-price point, I have to say this brand did not scrimp on creativity!

kaffe vitamin c concentrated serum review, benefits coffee on skin, benefits coffee on health

Bottom line, I can see myself purchasing these items because I support Hawaii-sourced  or made products (helps boost local economy), I am a coffee junkie (show of hands please), decently-priced, and most important of all, I did not experience any breakouts or untoward reactions. 

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