I have a soft spot for handmade products because I used to make and sell my own handmade accessories back in the day. But life eventually got so terribly busy I had to close my online shop (I kept the supplies tho for hobby). Support local, support small businesses. Because indeed, they are the backbone of our economy. Enter Mojo Spa Cosmetics, a company located in the trendy Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. With over 350 handmade products to boot, they carry quite an extensive line from bath and body to skincare to perfume to makeup to hair to accessories, all made from naturally-sourced ingredients. The website embodies the free-spirited nature of the company, it does make me happy navigating it, take a look! 

pr samples

mojo spa cosmetics review swatch

For today’s post, let me introduce to you some of their makeups: the Lip-A-Luscious Lip Exfoliator and Moisturizer ($12, 0.5 oz/ 14.1 g, made with real honey granules and manuka honey), Lip Jam  Pop Rebel ($17, made with vitamin E, jojoba oil and candilla wax), Mineral Eyeshadow Santorini and Chicago ($10 each, .169 oz/ 5 ml, made with mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, clay, magnesium strearate and S.W.A.K Lip/Eye Primer & Highlighter ($15, 1 oz/2.83 g, made with Beeswax, lanolin, coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, castor oil, mica, titanium dioxide, silk peptide powder, cornstarch, vitamin E, fragrance).

mojo spa cosmetics review swatch

The Lip-A-Luscious Lip Exfoliator and Moisturizer is just what I need this time of the year. I have but the atrociously hot temperature to blame for my dry lips! This lip exfoliant gently scrubs while providing optimal hydration. I use it before lipstick application in the morning and at night to nourish my puckers. The Lip Jam Pop Rebel is a nice pink berry shade with subtle luminosity, buildable pigmentation and commendable hydrating property. From a consumer standpoint, I wish it was packaged more chic if not trendy (at $17, I think imprint-type will look more presentable than a sticker label).

mojo spa cosmetics review swatch

The S.W.A.K lip/eye primer and highlighter is a surprising find. It does hold the eyeshadow pretty well sans smudge and budge all through ten hours of straight wear time. Santorini is a beautiful metallic blue (great for night time) while Chicago is matte indigo-mauve. They come in jars without sifters so you need to be extra careful dipping, tapping and applying to prevent spills and fallouts. The best way for me to avoid mishap is to place these jars on facial tissue, tap a little on the cover, spray eyeshadow brush with makeup mist so the pigment adheres to it, lightly swirl the brush at the back of my hand to remove excess, then lightly pat on lids. Quite tedious but it’s all worth the hassle and mess. 

mojo spa cosmetics review swatch
L-R: Lip Jam Pop Rebel, Santorini Mineral E/S, Chicago Mineral E/S

Pairing red lippy with blue eyeshadow is quite tricky for daytime but ‘ey it’s just makeup so here I am in the thick of daylight rocking this combo. I toned down the lipstick by patting it with my finger. I also blended out the blue metallic eyeshadow to make it more wearable, then lightly transitioned with rosy-mauve eyeshadow on the crease. What do you think of these color choices?

red blue makeup,mojo spa cosmetics review swatch

red blue makeup, mojo spa cosmetics review swatch

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7 thoughts on “I Got My Mojo On!

  • Wow, these products look fantastic! I need to get my Mojo on, too!

  • Well done! The shades work! I liked the Mojo products I tried though mine were different from yours. I was curious about the Lip Jam Pop because the Mojo mineral lippie that I tried was a beautiful color but a little stiff. I love the colors of the two shadows, but I'm a klutz with loose pigments. The primer and the Lip-A-Licious sound like they'd be useful. I hope I get back to Chitown one of these days because I think it would be fun to visit the Mojo store and pick up some cute gifts.

  • All very pretty. This is a great collection of their products.

  • I love how it came together! This brand looks really interesting and cute.

  • That lippy is seriously pretty! So is that gorgeous blue e/s.

  • This brand looks very interesting! 🙂 that lipstick looks so pretty! suits you very well 🙂

  • I love supporting small businesses like this. The products all look very nice. And I love your eye makeup!

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