“You don’t need Botox” said hubs. “But you don’t have wrinkles” said a couple of friends when I told them about it. Regardless what they said, it’s done and over with. An after-the fact statement. Less than five minutes and 12 units later, this woman is tippy-toe happy with the result. 

what to expect with botox, post-treatment with botox, before after botox photos

But it’s true, at 41 (turning 42 on July 4), I don’t have prominent wrinkles yet but whenever I smile or forcefully squint my eyes, you can see the dreaded crow’s feet. While I was happy with Tria Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser (read entire experience here), Botox is tried-and-tested and will definitely reduce the lines I loathe albeit for 3-4 months only, hence the maintenance. One important tip with Botox: don’t over-do or over-inject because you should be able to maintain your natural facial expression; that’s a great Botox treatment in my opinion: you know you had it done but no one can guess it.

what to expect with botox, post-treatment with botox, before after botox photos

Left photo: I know, highlight on point, haha! But seriously, those pesky 3 lines aren’t cool. Right photo: The day after, I had 6 units injected on each side (for a total of 12). Generally, Botox takes effect within two weeks but you can already see the marked improvement from the above photo.

So how does the actual injection feel? pain threshold is relative but personally, not even 1 on a 10-point scale. I “heard” swoosh as the liquid was pushed from the syringe to the eye area but it was literally pain-free and fast. As a side tip, you can request your doctor for a numbing cream if the whole idea of needle scares you. But trust me, the needle is so tiny, you can hardly feel the poke (unless the injector blindly hit the nerve endings which can jolt you). Beauty pain, beauty gain.

The photos below demonstrate my weekly progress with Tria Age Defying Eye Wrinkles Correcting Laser. We will use these as our starting point, a leverage so to speak. It took all of 8 weeks to gradually see the result. Take note, in all of these photos, that’s moi smiling at you.

before after photos trio eye wrinkle correcting laser

Now here’s the same eye area treated with Botox (3 weeks after, I already stopped using Tria). Oh yeah, I’m still smiling at you.  Look ma, no lines! And the great part? I can move my eye area and make silly expressions.

what to expect with botox, post-treatment with botox, before after botox photos

what to expect with botox, post-treatment with botox, before after botox photos

Botox, like any beauty or cosmetic procedures, is a personal decision. Would I recommend it? of course, but you need to do ample research and set realistic expectations with your doctor. Botox is not permanent and it only targets certain areas like crow’s feet, glabella (frown lines between brows) and forehead. It’s a good compliment to laser skin resurfacing and pelleve (which I will talk about later),  both of which are non-ablative procedures. There is no downtime with Botox but some do report swelling, minor tenderness and bruising. Post-treatment is nothing tedious: just stay upright for 4 hours and try doing facial expressions in areas of injection so Botox can penetrate the muscles. Other than that, enjoy the younger you!

In the interest of transparency, I work as Aesthetic Nurse. While I cover certain skincare and anti-aging topics, my opinion should not replace your doctor’s. 

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25 thoughts on “My First Botox Experience (Before & After Photos)

  • That doesn't sound so bad, and I love your results! I'll definitely embrace the Botox when I get them dreaded lines (not too far off, ugh).

  • OMG love love love!!!! This is super helpful because I am about to get Botox on my forehead area this month. So I am excited to see amazing results. Seriously girl you are gorgeous and do NOT look at all in your 40's.

    • Go girl, I think you'll like it esp if you get natural-looking results! Thanks so much for a very sweet compliment. It makes this toxic Monday feel wonderful!!!!

  • It's so amazing reading about peoples' experience with Botox because it's become so common these days, and it's definitely a great option for those who want it! πŸ™‚

  • I had Botox once and it worked well, would love to do it again but it's too expensive for me.

  • I did it a year ago and want it again. I had minor bruising with it. I didn't think it hurt either. It took a few weeks for me to see a difference but I was so happy with a more wide awake look (I had it done above my eyebrows). Yours turned out great.

  • Wow! It DOES show a different! I mean, I wouldn't have noticed those 3 lines unless you pointed it out because girl, you are gorgeous regardless! But I'm so happy that it worked so well for you!

  • You can definitely see the difference,but I think that you looked fab before!

  • Definitely a good thing if someone wants it! πŸ™‚

  • Now I want to get Botox for my outer corner. Your eyes look great!

  • I haven't done botox before but years ago it was suggested because of my migraines. I ended up getting surgery on my nose and they found a tumor growing so they removed it and while I still get migraines, not as severe. But working in a plastic surgeons office, I assisted in many procedures and botox was one of them. I think botox is great if you can afford it and I love when you can get a great deal too πŸ˜‰ You look fab Kath with or without, but I do see a difference. Love how quick it works πŸ™‚

    • Oh no, hope you're feeling much much much better now. Don't you miss working in the plastic surgeon's office? Thanks much Honey, you are so nice

  • I love both your before and after shots, your skin looks amazing! My sister just got botox at 29 and she is really happy with it. Of course people kept saying that she doesn't need it, but most of them didn't even look at her skin, and just based their judgment off of her age. She has very dry skin and used to be an avid sun worshipper until recently, but the damage is already done. She looks great now, and I forced her to start wearing sunscreen daily πŸ™‚

  • I loved reading this, this will probably be me in a few years!

  • To each, their own! Sounds like this was a good experience for you! I'm not against it, but I don't think I need it.

  • Gorgeous as always (even pre-treatment) but those are impressive results. I don't like the idea of needles in my face, but who knows, I might give it a go some day.

  • Your results look so good and natural! I think the idea of it sounds scary if only because we only see and hear the bad stories but yours looks so good

  • Stuff like this scares me, but it looks good! Your results are noticeable without looking "fake"

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