Oh Hair! once a crowning glory, now beginning to be an agony. Blame hormones but truth is, dry, thinning and brittle tress is as common as dry and lackluster skin to us aging ladies. It’s only a matter of time but there are ways to keep our hair fabulous at any age. Today I’m sharing some tips, ‘kinda like advice from your older sister or aunt who vows to defy age come hell or high water, haha! But let me preface, if you suffer from severe hair loss or issues, I encourage you to speak to your doctor.

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Hair Care Tips for the Aging Hair, hairstyles to look younger

Understand your hot tools 

1. Lay low on hot tools and allow your hair to air dry more.

2. Look for tools that have temperature settings. Start with the lowest setting and adjust accordingly. The finer your hair, the lower the setting.

3. Use heat protectant to shield the hair from damage and whatnot.

Shampoo less

1. Space out hair washing as shampoo tends to trap hair’s natural oil making it dry and more prone to brittleness and breakage. 

2. Consider dry shampoo or conditioner in between washing.

Add shine and volume to hair

1. As we age, lackluster and limp hair is more common. Use hair serum and/or oil to seal in hair’s moisture. Apply when hair is partially dry or damp.
2. Massage scalp as you apply hair serum from roots to tips to increase circulation and stimulate hair growth.
Hairstyles to look younger 
1. If you prefer long locks like mine, consider soft layers on both sides to frame your face.
2. Opt for wispy or soft fringe to camouflage wrinkles!
3. Cover or downplay gray hairs with highlights.
4. Take the plunge, update your hairstyle with chic bob.

Hair Care Tips for the Aging Hair, hairstyles to look younger

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