Back to black. I mean blue black this time. I seriously got bored sporting blonde, bronde, caramel blonde hair, etc. for the last ten years I believe. So yes, this is the darkest I went. Or shall we say, welcome moi to the dark side, haha!

blue black hair, blue black hairstyle
Before and After

Why blue black you ask? To me it represents youth (something a 41 year old lady yearns). I also trimmed 3 inches off and had soft layers on the side. My hairstylist could’ve nailed it if she didn’t cut my bangs disappointingly shorter than what I wanted. So while I grow ’em out, I have been experimenting ways to tame le bangs. Overall, I liked how my hair feels lighter, shinier, and more youthful…

blue black hair, blue black hairstyle

Let’s see how I feel come spring or summertime. Maybe I’d stick with darker shades, explore colored tips or go back to blonde again. Women and their first-world issues, ugh!

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