Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste , Kerastase Bain Therapiste #KerastaseTransforms

Shampoo then condition, a practice touted to be unbreakable in the history of haircare. Ever tried reversing it? it does sound absurd but who’s to stop who and I echo why not. So when I received Kerastase Bain Therapiste and Soin Premier Therapiste via Influenster VoxBox, my interest was piqued multifold.

Aside from the tongue-twisting name, this haircare ensemble is not your typical shampoo and conditioner. As mentioned, you have to use the conditioner first, reason being, it protects over-processed and/or over-damaged hair without the weigh down effect. The shampoo on the other hand is supposed to repair the hair fiber while cleansing. Both products need to be unscrewed and squeezed, a minor inconvenience if you factor in time and usability. The floral fragrance is quite strong which leaves a discernible trace even on the second day (I wash my hair every 2 days). For the record, I have damaged and over-processed hair, no thanks to #womenproblem #255, hair color change or touchups every 3 months. I have experimented washing my hair two ways: traditional (shampoo and conditioner) and reverse (conditioner then shampoo) just to see if there is a significant difference.

Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste , Kerastase Bain Therapiste #KerastaseTransforms

Traditional washing did not change my wavy hair’s volume and texture. Reverse washing was a revelation! I have to mention that this shampoo is on the thicker side and the foamiest I have ever tried. It’s like carwash epic foam: once it gets wet and rubbed onto hair strands, I can literally feel like “it’s lifting my hair”, very airy for lack of a better word to describe it. But more than the foam, I was amazed how the reverse process made my hair extra voluminous and silky-looking each and every time I use this tandem. I have already consumed more than half of the tubes and given the impressive outcome, I am going to purchase both next time.

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