Customized makeup palette, customized skincare, customized beauty box, the list goes on. But have you ever thought about customizing your hair care? Raise your hand if you agree; not all hair, flat, curly, wavy or anything in between, are created equal. I had the opportunity to try a new-to-me brand by up and coming haircare company founded by award-winning stylist and salon owner Jodi Dery, ProfilePro. Intrigued? I presume you are so scroll down for more information!

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Customized Haircare, Profile Pro Haircare, Review

So how does it work? it all starts with a quick survey which will help ProfilePro’s team to understand your hair dynamics. For example, I have natural waves, medium thickness, some days it’s frizzy, and with dry scalp especially during colder months. I was also asked as to the type of fragrance I prefer for my customized shampoo and conditioner. I chose jasmine scent (other variants include citrus, coconut, lavender, vanilla). And yeah, even the name I want printed on my bottles! All in all, it took me less than a minute to finish the entire questionnaire, easy peasy.

Customized Haircare, Profile Pro Haircare, Review

Upon checkout, you have the options to buy the combo at a discounted price of $24.95 (10 oz each, when you subscribe to them, $34.95 regular retail) or try out the travel-sizes at $9.95 (2 oz each). For reference purposes, I received both actual and deluxe sizes with my name on them.

Customized Haircare, Profile Pro Haircare, Review

Up close, you can see my hair’s not-so-secret serial numbers. It must be cool to witness how they came up with a formula totally unique to me ha? So the nagging question is, do I love Kathryne’s Shampoo and Conditioner combo?

For the most part, yes! While it did not totally control my frizz and dry scalp, I still love the way this pair enhanced my natural waves (they look more obvious like I came from the salon, that’s without styling!). I also enjoy the scent which isn’t overwhelming (soft powdery jasmine). The shampoo lathers quite a bit while the conditioner is thick just the way I like it. The affordability is noteworthy too, especially in comparison to department store and/or mainstream brands. On a side note,  how I wish they added tea tree or peppermint extract to tame my dry scalp because so far these are the ones that worked for me in the past. 

Have you tried something similar?

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